Signing our lives away!

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, May 28, 2007 at 9:20 PM


Well, it's done - or at least begun. Our house is in escrow, which means we'll know within the week whether it's sold. if it goes through, we have to be out by the end of June! There will be pizza and good times for anyone who is in possession of moving boxes and big muscles.

In related news, we have put in an offer on a new house! New to us, at least. The house is actually rather an elder statesman, at least by Mesa standards. It was built in 1964, and we find it to be quite the stylish retro specimen. It has everything we were looking for in our next house: close to the fam, beautiful neighborhood, good school district, a bigger yard, another bedroom, lots more wiggle room, and NO CARPET! Best news *ever*.

Here's a little info and some pictures, although they don't do it justice. It's got some issues (we'll call them "quirks") but we've got big plans to give it the Dave-and-Rachel treatment, so rest assured it's going to be absolutely fabulous when we're done with it.

Oh, and the little boy pictured up top there is really excited because the house next door has a waterfall cascading over their front porch. That's right. A waterfall.

You're welcome, Dev.

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Exciting times! Best of all - you are excited. We hope all goes well for you. Can't wait to eat Dave's barbequed burgers in your back yard!

Have fun with all of this. I'm headed off to camp.

I can't wait to see pictures!!

congrats! can't wait to see!