Um, 9 things about me...since I only did 16 before...

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 8:01 PM


And you thought you'd seen the last of me! *evil cackle*

Since I've had my ego very thoroughly stoked by all my adoring fans (I mean, completely biased family members) and have shored up new reserves of energy via frozen pizza and Weinhard's vanilla creme soda, I'm back to finish the job. I refuse to let a silly little blog project get me down.

17) I am a master multitasker. Conversely, you could also say that I am completely devoid of focus and discipline. I have realized this very day that I *cannot* do one thing at a time. While I'm nursing the baby to sleep: I am counting to 300 so I know when it's safe to lay her down. I am mentally rehearsing "Choose Something Like a Star" (for a series of concerts that have already taken place, might I add). I am concocting witticisms to add to this illustrious publication. I am trying to design a household budget (which explains why our household budget is so woefully inadequate - because I'm doing it inside my already overcrowded brain in a dark room in a rocking chair!) It's always like this. I think I need therapy.

18) I taught my son to say crap. He does a fine job, if I do say so myself. "Let's get all this cwap out of the way" he says to me. I guess if that's the worst bit of vocab he ever picks up in this house, I can live with that.

19) Remember how I said I love shoes? And I wanted to get some? Well, I got some. Actually, my dad got me some. They're dang cute. I think I'll use them for my photo this time around.

20) Have I mentioned my dad is awesome? He is. David calls him my Sugar Daddy. He's a good shopping partner. We picked out a pair for my mom, too - maybe those can be my photo for tomorrow.

21) Actually, my whole family is pretty spectacular. My mom is incredible, my mother-in-law is the sweetest lady alive (seriously, who loves their mother-in-law?) My brother is the Drawing Student of the Year at the finest high school in the nation, possibly the world. My bro-in-law is about to graduate from aforementioned high school, my little sister-in-law just done got herself elected VP of Taylor Junior High, and my father-in-law is "Gwampa". Oh, and my sister is a famous actress. Famous, I tell you!

22) Are you jealous yet?

23) Oh wait, darn near everyone reading this is IN my family! Not much to be jealous of then, is there?

24) Whew, running out of steam again. Curses. Good thing we're almost to the end!

25) I'd like to use my parting words of the day to say a special something to the good people at the National Basketball Association. If the Suns lose this series, and their shot at a title, because of your stupid "no players off the bench" rule...well, I'm sending the bill for my marriage counseling to YOUR office. You heard me. My husband is seriously grouchy and I'm holding you entirely responsible. You better PRAY they win tomorrow. I think Angie's with me.

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ah, you are adorable. thanks for the kind words. the suns will overcome!

sorry, i forgot to mention that the shoes are tdf.

Love the multitasking descriptions and the admission that "multitasker" is a fancy way of saying "has ADD." I'm with ya!