The Home Stretch

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 9:03 PM


Well, one nice thing about my house being a Federal Disaster Area is that I'm getting lots of nice meals with my nearby family! This week, I've had lunch with Claudia and Holly, and today I had lunch AND dinner with my parents and my brother David. Great success!

After dinner we had some various frozen treats, such as the fabulous Fudgesicle you see here. When she finished it and realized there wasn't any more, Her Royal Highness pitched a fit that was positively frightening to behold. Imagine that, Evie copped an attitude! In other news, the sun rose this morning, Paris Hilton is out of jail, and the world goes round and round.

I also finally got my dad to take some pictures of a new sling that I am reviewing for a friend of mine, and Dev was my exceptionally cooperative model. Isn't he handsome? I'm so glad that my great big preschooler still lets me love on him in public. We decided today that Devlin is like a dog - affectionate, loyal, eager to please, and all you have to do to get him excited is talk in a high-pitched voice.

Evie is like a cat - she'll come over and rub her head around your ankles and make you feel like the King of the World...but then she'll get miffed over who-knows-what and stalk away in a snit, leaving you scratching your head wondering what you did to tick her off! That girl is hard to get a handle on. I hope she gives me a little more insight once she starts talking - because I can't wait to hear what she has to say!

As Angie would say...

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...Happy Saturday Ya'll!

I know it's only 7 am, but my day is starting off so well that I'm just gonna do a little quickie post right now. Eve woke up in a GOOD MOOD this morning!

Ever since the fateful Reese's Pieces episode of last Thursday, she has been just plain miserable, and as usual has not hesitated to let everyone know it. I have been holding or nursing her basically every waking moment since then, and each day has been a race to bedtime. I am extremely happy to report that today she seems to have gotten It out of her system, whatever It was. She is back to her usual preening, presiding, and happy screeching.

All Hail the Pigget!

A Day In the Life

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I made this little project about a typical day for me for a message board that I frequent, and I thought it would make a nifty blog entry as well. Now if I can just get the pictures to show up in the right places, it will be a freakin' miracle!

5:45 am: Eve wakes up crying. I go back to sleep. We do *not* get up before 6 am in my house.

6:00 am: Eve is still awake. Rats. Drag self out of bed, retrieve tear-streaked baby from crib, go back to bed and nurse hoping she'll go back to sleep.

6:40 am: She's not buying it anymore - time to go downstairs and have some "real" breakfast.

6:45 am: Banana for breakfast.

6:50 am: Toast for breakfast.

6:55 am: Very. Sad. Baby. Do not know why.

7:00 am: Booby snack. Again. Check board, while eating and nursing of course. How else do you think I have time? Attempt to talk Lucy out of having another baby, per her request.

7:20 am: Dev appears for the day with a shy smile, as always. Eve gives him a hug and I feel like Teh Best Mom Evah.

7:25 am: Dev's breakfast. Yes, son, you have to eat it all.

7:35 am: Water my basil plant. Isn't he cute?

7:45 am: The first of many, MANY clean-ups to come today.

8:15 am: Nana (that's my mom) comes over to take the kiddos for a walk in the wagon. I take this opportunity to clean the shower! Oh, and myself. In the shower. Right.

Don't hurry back now!

8:30 am: The crew returns, and I'm only half ready. Bah. Since I haven't done my hair or makeup in about 3 days, I figure I deserve to finish just this once.

8:45 am: And this is the price I pay.

Oh well. Don't I look better?

9:00 am: Passed out Piglet. Sweet.

9:00-9:45 am: Devlin did a puzzle. ONE puzzle. Very carefully.

9:45 am: Make beds.

10:00 am: Popsicle break!

10:35 am: Wake up Evie to go to NINO meeting. Does this face look familiar? You're going to see it again, don't worry.

10:45 am: Pigtails! Now at least she looks cute, even if she is acting like a troll.

11:15 am: NINO meeting. Food! Babies! Chaos!

12:45 pm: Home again, home again.

1:00 pm: Making lunch. Quesadillas and smoothies, very glamorous.

1:05 pm: I swear I did not stage this. Dev was imitating me at the meeting ("First you tie a knot, and then you put somebody in the sling...or you could carry your monkeys or something") and then we finished making lunch together.

1:30 pm: Post-lunch pre-nap booby snack. There are many more in between the sessions I photographed, but it's not as easy as it looks to get a picture of this yourself.

2:00 pm: Passed out Piglet. No picture, seeing as I would rather cut off my right arm than risk waking her up at this point.

2:15 pm: Dev goes to Abby's house next door. We're gonna miss those guys when we move!

2:30 pm: Kylie comes over for her voice lesson. Sounding good, girl!

3:05 pm: Let's see...Devlin's gone, Evie's asleep...should I pack? Or iron? No, no, I think I'll just sit here on my backside and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Well, unless you're considering watching Project Runway reruns and eating Dots to be gainful employment. I don't, but you might. It's ok, I won't tell anyone.

4:45 pm: Would you look at that? Almost a three hour nap and she looks just like she did when she went to sleep - GRUMPY. I give up. There's no pleasing some people.

5:00 pm: Here, I know just the thing. All together now...BOOBY SNACKS!

5:45 pm: Dinner at Chipotle with Papa.

We even got a smile out of Eve! Stop the presses! And I think that's cilantro on her cheek.

6:45 pm: Bathtime, then to bed. Yahoo!

10:00 pm: David's home! Time to watch American Gladiators and have some key lime pie. Mmmmm.


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I'll keep this short and sweet, because that's what David would do. Plus, I think the photos kind of speak for themselves.

10 reasons why I have the coolest husband/head of household in the world:

1) I like his shaved head.

2) It's funny that the pickiest eater in my house isn't a toddler.

3) "Song check!"

4) He's obsessed with cars. He's obsessed with the Suns I'm obsessed with...well, lots of things. So we're even.

5) He makes excellent beeyos (Dixon family Saturday morning traditional breakfast burritos).

6) He's teaching our children to do an oil change, fix a cracked toilet, and sing in German.

7) Sunday drives

8) Brown leather couches

9) He subscribes to approximately 17 different car magazines. I didn't even know so many existed. But they do, and we get them all.

10) The Dude abides.

We love you, hunny.

- the Wizzle, the Monk, and the Pigget

Blueberries and Oatmeal

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Blueberries and oatmeal. That's what Eve had for breakfast, and that's what she threw up all over Uncle David this morning while I was getting a pedicure.

She had barfed all over everything in her crib at some point in the night - after midnight when I checked on her before I went to sleep, and before 8 am when I got her out. She didn't make a peep, so I don't even know when it happened! Anyway, I figured she had it out of her system so we had breakfast and my mom and I scampered off to get our tootsies done. 15 minutes later, my cell phone rang. It was my brother/babysitter, sounding amused and befuddled, and just calling to inform me that we had a little "situation" (that would be the blueberries and oatmeal, making their grand exit). Nice.

Our photo du jour is Rupert, Eve's favorite stuffed piggy, who is looking very sad and soggy indeed after his first bath. Spot cleaning just wasn't cutting it after being directly in the line of fire, as it were. He smells much better now, and he seems to be drying nicely.

Hoping for a much more boring day tomorrow!

One big monkey

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Hello everyone, I'd like you all to meet the absolute sweetest, smartest, practically perfect-est in every way (hang with me on the grammar thing) almost 4-year-old in the whole wide world. His name is Devlin Thomas Dixon. Here he is.

We had a lovely day today - Evie's idiot mother (oh crap, that's me!) fed her Reese's Pieces after lunch so she slept the hives away all afternoon via a healthy dose of Benadryl. That left me and my man Dev the run of the house, and we made all kinds of mischief with Mack trucks, tractors faster than a speeding bullet, flying whales, and lots and lots of empty boxes. Nana and Papa also came by and briefly absconded with him. They went to the car wash and he came home smelling suspiciously of chocolate. I love grandparents!

Some of Devlin's favorite things right now are: tractors, Cars (particularly if their names are Lightning and/or Mater), all forms of aquatic life, treats, bubble wrap, his friend Abby next door, swimming (especially with floaties), fighting with Eve over who gets to stand on the stepstool in the kitchen, snacks, hugs and kisses, and "jumping" with Daddy.

I guess the best compliment I could give Dev is that he kind of makes me want to have another baby (kind of!) because so far, he just keeps getting sweeter and more fun with every day that goes by. I secretly don't even mind too much when he wakes up in the middle of the night and climbs in bed with us...

...just next time, we're buying a King size. Love you, Dev.

5 reasons why moving is more fun with kids

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Today was my first day packing up the house, and I am lucky enough to have 2 extremely devoted and attentive personal assistants mimicking my every move.

1) Eve thinks every open box, empty shelf, and vacant closet is a piggy hiding hole. This child is definitely not claustrophobic! In the last week, I have pulled her out of spaces I wouldn't have thought a gerbil could crawl into more times than I can count. Not sure what she's trying to accomplish, but she's having fun, that's for sure!

2) When Devlin discovered that we were packing for the "new house", he promptly retrieved his suitcase and stuffed it full of all his monkeys. I've told him we're not leaving for 3 weeks, but he wants to make very certain that none of his friends are left behind. It seems they are packed for the foreseeable future.

3) Every time I open a new box, four pudgy eager hands appear clutching books, cars, bananas, cookie cutters, picture frames, telephones, sheet music, canned goods, and basically anything less than 4 feet off the ground. These kids *love* packing! Too bad they can't read, or I'd make them a list and put them to work.

4) Um, I can't think of anything for number four. All this fun fried my brain, I guess.

5) Mercifully, they do periodically go to sleep and I actually get something done! Like, blogging. All righty then.

And now, I'm off to make myself incredibly frustrated and angry by watching yet another Presidential debate - God bless America!