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I'll keep this short and sweet, because that's what David would do. Plus, I think the photos kind of speak for themselves.

10 reasons why I have the coolest husband/head of household in the world:

1) I like his shaved head.

2) It's funny that the pickiest eater in my house isn't a toddler.

3) "Song check!"

4) He's obsessed with cars. He's obsessed with the Suns I'm obsessed with...well, lots of things. So we're even.

5) He makes excellent beeyos (Dixon family Saturday morning traditional breakfast burritos).

6) He's teaching our children to do an oil change, fix a cracked toilet, and sing in German.

7) Sunday drives

8) Brown leather couches

9) He subscribes to approximately 17 different car magazines. I didn't even know so many existed. But they do, and we get them all.

10) The Dude abides.

We love you, hunny.

- the Wizzle, the Monk, and the Pigget

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Those pics are adorable! Oh my gosh. You have a cute family.

Oooh, I hope you didn't read it before I went back and edited. I added the top 10 list. Go back and look again if you missed it. ;)

I kinda like the guy is it possible that he is a daddy?

Aw, tender.

i think I did see it before you added the top ten list, cause I'm looking back now and I thought I had been blind or something.hahaha!

Let's set the record straight - I only subscribe to three car magazines (Bimmer, Roundel, and Car & Driver). :)

Cute top ten!
Happy Father's Day, David!
Love you guys!

Oh, I love your babies. I come and look at the pictures and watch the videos you post over and over. What a sweet daddy they have, too. It's so nice to hear wives dote on their husbands. Love you!