A Day In the Life

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 7:58 PM


I made this little project about a typical day for me for a message board that I frequent, and I thought it would make a nifty blog entry as well. Now if I can just get the pictures to show up in the right places, it will be a freakin' miracle!

5:45 am: Eve wakes up crying. I go back to sleep. We do *not* get up before 6 am in my house.

6:00 am: Eve is still awake. Rats. Drag self out of bed, retrieve tear-streaked baby from crib, go back to bed and nurse hoping she'll go back to sleep.

6:40 am: She's not buying it anymore - time to go downstairs and have some "real" breakfast.

6:45 am: Banana for breakfast.

6:50 am: Toast for breakfast.

6:55 am: Very. Sad. Baby. Do not know why.

7:00 am: Booby snack. Again. Check board, while eating and nursing of course. How else do you think I have time? Attempt to talk Lucy out of having another baby, per her request.

7:20 am: Dev appears for the day with a shy smile, as always. Eve gives him a hug and I feel like Teh Best Mom Evah.

7:25 am: Dev's breakfast. Yes, son, you have to eat it all.

7:35 am: Water my basil plant. Isn't he cute?

7:45 am: The first of many, MANY clean-ups to come today.

8:15 am: Nana (that's my mom) comes over to take the kiddos for a walk in the wagon. I take this opportunity to clean the shower! Oh, and myself. In the shower. Right.

Don't hurry back now!

8:30 am: The crew returns, and I'm only half ready. Bah. Since I haven't done my hair or makeup in about 3 days, I figure I deserve to finish just this once.

8:45 am: And this is the price I pay.

Oh well. Don't I look better?

9:00 am: Passed out Piglet. Sweet.

9:00-9:45 am: Devlin did a puzzle. ONE puzzle. Very carefully.

9:45 am: Make beds.

10:00 am: Popsicle break!

10:35 am: Wake up Evie to go to NINO meeting. Does this face look familiar? You're going to see it again, don't worry.

10:45 am: Pigtails! Now at least she looks cute, even if she is acting like a troll.

11:15 am: NINO meeting. Food! Babies! Chaos!

12:45 pm: Home again, home again.

1:00 pm: Making lunch. Quesadillas and smoothies, very glamorous.

1:05 pm: I swear I did not stage this. Dev was imitating me at the meeting ("First you tie a knot, and then you put somebody in the sling...or you could carry your monkeys or something") and then we finished making lunch together.

1:30 pm: Post-lunch pre-nap booby snack. There are many more in between the sessions I photographed, but it's not as easy as it looks to get a picture of this yourself.

2:00 pm: Passed out Piglet. No picture, seeing as I would rather cut off my right arm than risk waking her up at this point.

2:15 pm: Dev goes to Abby's house next door. We're gonna miss those guys when we move!

2:30 pm: Kylie comes over for her voice lesson. Sounding good, girl!

3:05 pm: Let's see...Devlin's gone, Evie's asleep...should I pack? Or iron? No, no, I think I'll just sit here on my backside and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Well, unless you're considering watching Project Runway reruns and eating Dots to be gainful employment. I don't, but you might. It's ok, I won't tell anyone.

4:45 pm: Would you look at that? Almost a three hour nap and she looks just like she did when she went to sleep - GRUMPY. I give up. There's no pleasing some people.

5:00 pm: Here, I know just the thing. All together now...BOOBY SNACKS!

5:45 pm: Dinner at Chipotle with Papa.

We even got a smile out of Eve! Stop the presses! And I think that's cilantro on her cheek.

6:45 pm: Bathtime, then to bed. Yahoo!

10:00 pm: David's home! Time to watch American Gladiators and have some key lime pie. Mmmmm.

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Fun entry, girl!!!

This is priceless! Thanks for sharing. Love those kids!

That was so great! I was laughing the whole way through! I LOVE all the pictures and your sense of humor. Thank you so much, I know that was a lot of work. Priceless is absolutely the word. LOVE YOU!

you've been busy girl! cute kids...i just love 'em. cute piggy tales evie!!