Flying by the seat of our collective pants

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 7:14 PM


So, um, there's been some quasi-mutiny among my hordes of rabid fans regarding the lack of photos in my last post. Therefore I, ever the gracious host, have decided to give the people what they want. And you don't *even* want to see pics of my epically consummate disaster of a house right now, so don't even ask. All in good time, my pretty, all in good time.

My most excellent husband, rightly surmising that I was at my wit's end with this whole business of moving into the same house we'd just moved out of, knocked my socks off Thursday night by announcing that instead of taking Devlin to preschool the next morning, I was to pack for the weekend because our whole stinkin' family was headed off to sunny California for our first *official* just-the-four-of-us family vacation!

So, like, I did, and we did, and it was awesome.

In no particular order, we have here one happy mama and two seriously excited kids at the gates of Heaven (sorry, Disneyland):

Piglet in repose, with bink.

If this face isn't Trouble with a capital T, then I don't know what is.

Crazy Evil Disco Piglet (inside Space Mountain, hence the lighting).

Dev waiting ever-so-patiently in line for Pirates (actually I think his exact words were "I just *can't* wait any more!")

It's okay to be jealous of my adorable family. Don't fight it.

The hizzle and I also got a few hours to ourselves, courtesy of Eddie Izzard, El Cholo Restaurant, and the fabulous Redd family.

La Brea Mall was right next to our hotel (no, that's not the Coach store in the background! I don't even like Coach! It's, um, Radio Shack) and Dev
only wanted to make "silly" faces for the camera.

Dinner with the Redds Sunday night included Fudgesicles for dessert (unfortunately only one per person, as Eve had just been informed).

Dev was more excited for The Beach than he was for Disneyland!


Watching the surfers.

Everyone should get to be this happy at least once in their life.

Thanks for the memories, guys.

Playing hooky

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 9:47 PM


Yeah, well, if you had been living in my house the last couple of weeks, you wouldn't have had time to blog either. I've been waiting to get "done" with our pseudo-redecorating so I can take some Angie-worthy adorable photos for this here publication, but obviously that isn't happening. So you get bupkis. That's right, I said it - no pictures! You'll read this text-only post and you'll like it. And just in case you don't, it's lucky for you there are 4 trillion blogs in this world. Go read one of them.

Actually, things are going really well around here. All but three rooms are essentially back to normal, and the others are in the process of, or are about to be, painted various dazzling yet elegant colors. David and his dad have managed to hack some very impressive holes in the drywall upstairs, so they're feeling rather manly and productive I guess. They've also acquired a shockingly large spool of some-kind-of-cable-or-other and are plotting to stuff it into the previously mentioned drywall holes. This is somehow going to enable me to blog and purchase random crap off eBay with greater speed and accuracy than ever before! Neat.

We've also had the carpets cleaned, and let me encourage any of you who are on the fence about securing this service for your own homes - DO IT. My critical eye can now drift over my flooring without alighting on any unsightly, infuriating stains or blemishes. I devote a great deal of mental energy to the state of my flooring, for reasons that I myself do not entirely understand, and it gives me an unseemly amount of pleasure to have it looking so clean. If anyone needs theirs done, Dejan will give you the hook up! He's a good man, and thorough.

And if you can believe it, I am already weary of this blogging business and so I'm off - probably to eat my own weight in Berto's Gelato and watch HGTV, not that Candice Olsen has anything on me. You go ahead and bring your very divinest design, lady, because in 2 weeks my house is going to be ready for the cover of Metropolitan Home.

And I'll have the pictures to prove it.

Plan B

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, July 4, 2007 at 1:35 PM


So, there's no point really in trying to explain everything that has transpired in my little world since my last post. I'll just give you the short version.

Wednesday (7 days ago): We found out that the "buyers" (I use this term very loosely, as you'll see) of our house were having financing issues. They were unable to get qualified and get their paperwork in on time to have the closing go through as planned. Neat. But we were still under the impression that we would be moving, hopefully this weekend.

Thursday: We did the final walk-through inspection of the house we were going to purchase. Yep, everything's good there. Too bad our "buyers" still didn't have a loan, and no one sounded very optimistic that they were going to be able to get one. We said goodbye to the house on Harris and drove away for what turned out to be the last time. Canceled the U-Haul rental (the U-Haul that was supposed to be picked up in about 2 hours? Yeah, that's the one). Called the Elder's Quorum president and told him to send everyone home that was coming to help us move. Played several hours of therapeutic billiards with our friends the Hansens.

Friday: Still no final word on the loan. Word is coming "for sure" by Saturday end of day. Sit around all day and stare at our boxes.

Saturday: Did we say Saturday? We meant Monday. Monday by noon. Utilities are turned off today. Try in vain to have them turned back on, decide to wait until business hours next week so as to avoid (most) of several hundred dollars worth of deposit, disconnect, and reconnect fees. Invite ourselves to move in with the Dixons in the meantime. They weren't doing anything this weekend anyway. Like, remodeling a bathroom. Nothing like that.

Sunday: Go to church. Some of it, anyway. Hooray for grouchy babies! Play Nertz. Eat ice cream cones.

Monday: We have no buyer for our house. These kids could never afford it - not even close. Boy, I hate to point out the obvious here but this information would have been really useful to me a MONTH ago, BEFORE I packed all my earthly possessions and started planning where everyone was going to sit when they came over for Thanksgiving dinner at the new house. But that's neither here nor there. I don't think I can face the thought of putting the house back on the market, seeing as it took 3 months to sell it the first time (3 months is approximately 479 years in mom-with-2-small-kids time). Besides which, I am choosing to believe there's a reason this move didn't happen. I choose to think this because the alternative is something along the lines of wandering glassy-eyed through the streets wearing only a feather boa and a chef's hat, cackling and mumbling about the house that might have been. Divine intervention definitely seems like the preferable theory in this situation.

And the days in between then and now have pretty much followed the same template. Devlin drives Uncle Ryan around like a beast of burden whose only purpose is to construct elaborate forts and retrieve fallen Hot Wheels. Eve stalks around with a graham cracker in each hand and more Mardi Gras beads than the entire cast of Girls Gone Wild, volumes 1-3. We play raucous rounds of Nertz into the wee hours, we eat like kings, we all share 2 bathrooms. And we love it.

We've got big plans for the little house on Harmony when we move back in this weekend. The carpets are getting cleaned, the walls are getting painted, the backyard is getting de-ghetto-fied, and we're just going to take this big fat lemon of a week and make it into something awesome. Either that or you can look for me soon on a street corner near you, feather boa blowing in the breeze, trademark evil cackle on my lips.