Plan B

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, July 4, 2007 at 1:35 PM


So, there's no point really in trying to explain everything that has transpired in my little world since my last post. I'll just give you the short version.

Wednesday (7 days ago): We found out that the "buyers" (I use this term very loosely, as you'll see) of our house were having financing issues. They were unable to get qualified and get their paperwork in on time to have the closing go through as planned. Neat. But we were still under the impression that we would be moving, hopefully this weekend.

Thursday: We did the final walk-through inspection of the house we were going to purchase. Yep, everything's good there. Too bad our "buyers" still didn't have a loan, and no one sounded very optimistic that they were going to be able to get one. We said goodbye to the house on Harris and drove away for what turned out to be the last time. Canceled the U-Haul rental (the U-Haul that was supposed to be picked up in about 2 hours? Yeah, that's the one). Called the Elder's Quorum president and told him to send everyone home that was coming to help us move. Played several hours of therapeutic billiards with our friends the Hansens.

Friday: Still no final word on the loan. Word is coming "for sure" by Saturday end of day. Sit around all day and stare at our boxes.

Saturday: Did we say Saturday? We meant Monday. Monday by noon. Utilities are turned off today. Try in vain to have them turned back on, decide to wait until business hours next week so as to avoid (most) of several hundred dollars worth of deposit, disconnect, and reconnect fees. Invite ourselves to move in with the Dixons in the meantime. They weren't doing anything this weekend anyway. Like, remodeling a bathroom. Nothing like that.

Sunday: Go to church. Some of it, anyway. Hooray for grouchy babies! Play Nertz. Eat ice cream cones.

Monday: We have no buyer for our house. These kids could never afford it - not even close. Boy, I hate to point out the obvious here but this information would have been really useful to me a MONTH ago, BEFORE I packed all my earthly possessions and started planning where everyone was going to sit when they came over for Thanksgiving dinner at the new house. But that's neither here nor there. I don't think I can face the thought of putting the house back on the market, seeing as it took 3 months to sell it the first time (3 months is approximately 479 years in mom-with-2-small-kids time). Besides which, I am choosing to believe there's a reason this move didn't happen. I choose to think this because the alternative is something along the lines of wandering glassy-eyed through the streets wearing only a feather boa and a chef's hat, cackling and mumbling about the house that might have been. Divine intervention definitely seems like the preferable theory in this situation.

And the days in between then and now have pretty much followed the same template. Devlin drives Uncle Ryan around like a beast of burden whose only purpose is to construct elaborate forts and retrieve fallen Hot Wheels. Eve stalks around with a graham cracker in each hand and more Mardi Gras beads than the entire cast of Girls Gone Wild, volumes 1-3. We play raucous rounds of Nertz into the wee hours, we eat like kings, we all share 2 bathrooms. And we love it.

We've got big plans for the little house on Harmony when we move back in this weekend. The carpets are getting cleaned, the walls are getting painted, the backyard is getting de-ghetto-fied, and we're just going to take this big fat lemon of a week and make it into something awesome. Either that or you can look for me soon on a street corner near you, feather boa blowing in the breeze, trademark evil cackle on my lips.

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You are so funny. I'm sorry for the frustration, but glad for the long sleepover. We'll just have to help you get back into that cute house. No feather boas needed.

Umm... so i think you guys should move in. it's been a blast. just like that blasted (that last word should have been in italics) game of nertz in which i had an absolute blast.(that one also should have also been in italics)

Wow - that sounds awful. Oh, wait - it happened to me too. It *was* awful. :)

Oh, Rachel. Reading the written version makes me cringe as much as hearing the oral one, but I'm amazed at your outlook. I'm excited to see your projects as they come along! Do you know yet if new callings get to be another bonus of this experience?

My dear, sweet Rachel. While we're looking on the bright side, you have SUCH a gift for words. I could happily read about all kinds of tragedies written in your eloquent, entertaining words. But please know my heart goes out to you through this whole thing. And I too share amazement in your positive outlook. We'll just have to have all the much more fun when I visit in 2!!!! weeks!

Hi wizzle--it's me still. Just getting lonesome for some more pictures, I guess. Love you!