Playing hooky

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 9:47 PM


Yeah, well, if you had been living in my house the last couple of weeks, you wouldn't have had time to blog either. I've been waiting to get "done" with our pseudo-redecorating so I can take some Angie-worthy adorable photos for this here publication, but obviously that isn't happening. So you get bupkis. That's right, I said it - no pictures! You'll read this text-only post and you'll like it. And just in case you don't, it's lucky for you there are 4 trillion blogs in this world. Go read one of them.

Actually, things are going really well around here. All but three rooms are essentially back to normal, and the others are in the process of, or are about to be, painted various dazzling yet elegant colors. David and his dad have managed to hack some very impressive holes in the drywall upstairs, so they're feeling rather manly and productive I guess. They've also acquired a shockingly large spool of some-kind-of-cable-or-other and are plotting to stuff it into the previously mentioned drywall holes. This is somehow going to enable me to blog and purchase random crap off eBay with greater speed and accuracy than ever before! Neat.

We've also had the carpets cleaned, and let me encourage any of you who are on the fence about securing this service for your own homes - DO IT. My critical eye can now drift over my flooring without alighting on any unsightly, infuriating stains or blemishes. I devote a great deal of mental energy to the state of my flooring, for reasons that I myself do not entirely understand, and it gives me an unseemly amount of pleasure to have it looking so clean. If anyone needs theirs done, Dejan will give you the hook up! He's a good man, and thorough.

And if you can believe it, I am already weary of this blogging business and so I'm off - probably to eat my own weight in Berto's Gelato and watch HGTV, not that Candice Olsen has anything on me. You go ahead and bring your very divinest design, lady, because in 2 weeks my house is going to be ready for the cover of Metropolitan Home.

And I'll have the pictures to prove it.

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I'm happy that you are making so much progress! Can't wait to see the rest of the paint.

I'm looking forward to the pictures....

ooooo...i'm excited to see the new paint. isn't getting your carpets cleaned THE BEST ever? it's money well spent, i reckon.

Love you Rachel. Thanks for a note. And just so you know, the "no-pictures rule" doesn't apply to you because you're so dang funny.