Best friends

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, August 31, 2007 at 7:14 PM


I have the best next door neighbors ever. They are the Moe Family, and there are 4.5 of them: Traci, Cory, Abigail, Josiah, and Mystery Moe #5, coming to a house near me in March 2008.

Abby is a year older than Dev, and they are seldom apart for longer than 24 hours these days. It's too bloomin' hot to get out, so we basically just rotate houses and they disappear for hours at a time. I'm pretty sure they mostly play house, and Abby's in charge! She's very motherly.

As luck would have it, our second children are also close in age - this handsome fellow here, Josiah, is exactly one week younger than Evie. Kids this age aren't exactly famous for playing nicely together, and there's definitely some marking of the territory, if you will, depending on whose house they're currently terrorizing, but anyone can see it's a friendship in the making.

We had the pleasure of hosting Dr. J for a few hours this afternoon, and they were so excited to get outside, although we could only stand it for a few minutes. You can see how pink their little cheeks are, even in the shade!

November - and cooler temperatures - can't come soon enough!

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