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Well, why else would I have a blog? I'm where it's at, ya'll. So Angie tagged me (is that what it's called? I'm using all this newfangled blog lingo and I don't even know what I'm talking about) with this nifty list of yet more Wizzle-trivia, and by George I'm going to step right up to the plate. It's not like I have anything else I need to do! (That last part was a big fat freakin' lie, for anyone whose sarcasm radar is a little rusty.)

1. what were you doing 10 years ago?

OK, I was 16. I would have been about to start my junior year of high school, probably sulking and scowling and almost certainly wearing a cape and/or very large black trenchcoat, just generally frightening my parents and my Laurel advisors. Writing, singing, riding in cars with boys.

2. what were you doing 1 year ago?

I might have been watching my sister perform in Cats at Tuacahn. She was Jenny Anydots, or something. Cats is a strange little number, but she was Teh Awesome. Dev was almost 3 and utterly obsessed with Memo. Eve was almost 6 months and was obsessed with...well, me!

3. five snacks you enjoy?

- Godiva chocolate bars - fruit and cheese, especially stinky cheese
- Berto's dark chocolate gelato
- smoothies
- chocolate croissants

4. five songs you know all of the lyrics to:
(this quiz obviously written by someone less obsessed with music than I, for whom knowing the lyrics to 5 songs is just the tip of the insanely geeky iceberg)

- Beethoven's 9th Symphony, aka "Choral", 4th movement
- Exit Music (for a film), by Radiohead (this is harder than it sounds. Can't understand a blessed word that man says and they're not inclined to print their lyrics in the liner notes so you have to go hunt them down online...but I digress...)
- Precious Things, by Tori Amos
- Begin the Beguine, by Cole Porter
- The Worst Pies in London, by Stephen Sondheim (you want lots of words, try this guy on for size. Sheesh. I just can't get enough of this show lately for some reason.)

5. five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

- turn my backyard into a lush oasis with huge weeping trees and orchids growing on every possible surface
- buy David a brand new M-whatever-he-is-currently-lusting-after
- buy every stinking baby carrier I ever remotely wanted
- buy a bookstore and live in it
- buy a chocolate croissant factory
(I'm assuming you all thought of the obligatory pay off mortgage, donate half to charity, etc...I don't feel like being responsible and adult now, sorry! Gimme gimme gimme.)

6. five bad habits

- surfing the dang internet
- biting my fingernails (it's been 26 years so I figure it's pretty well ingrained by now)
- retail therapy (I'm certain that ANY psychiatrist, no matter how well-qualified, would be cheaper)
- obsessing about things that don't need obsessing about, like what total strangers are naming their children and finding the perfect house in my price range even though I'm NOT MOVING ANYMORE. Seriously, my brain just gets in a rut and I can't turn it off. Thanks, Dad!
- stealing the covers

7. five things you like to do:
-surf the dang internet (this is going to come up a lot, I just know it)
- sing (in the car, in the shower, at the piano, with my kids, at karoake night...)
- play Shadows Over Camelot with my awesome friends
- do things that make my kids happy (it doesn't take much, thankfully)
- read alone, all alone!

8. five things that you will never wear again:
- Hypercolor (I could do a list 600 items long just based around 80's fashion, but that's too easy so I'll try to branch out)
- jeans that were in any way altered/jerryrigged to make them more tapered at the ankle (aka zippers, safety pins, tight-rolling, large amounts of Lycra)
- earrings larger than my fist
- pointe shoes
- I don't really see a lot of fishnets in my future but I'm not making any promises

9. five favorite toys:

- the dang internet
- my new keyboard that I don't quite have yet (seriously, it feels *just* like a piano!)
- my latest baby name book (Em, you haven't seen it yet)
- my shoe collection
- my panini maker (aka to Dev as the "smasher")

10. where will you be in 10 years?

Pretty much right here, I hope - by my friends and family, with my babies climbing all over me and a happy, happy home.

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how are you SO funny...teach me, teach me. cute pic as well. thanks for playing tag, it's been real.

You must tell me of this new book!!! Jacob is so funny, he's been telling everyone what we're naming our first daughter. Sigh. I love that funny kid. So anyway, I love reading your stuff where you talk about yourself. I think it's great, I really do. And I concur, you're very funny. Always. Mwah!