I think I'm losing it

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, August 27, 2007 at 9:29 PM


It must be the heat.

Seriously, I feel like I have a constant headache, and I'm so TIRED of being in my house all the time I could scream. But where shall I go? Has to be indoors, because it was 109 today and even the walk from my car door to the ice cold threshold of wherever I am going is enough to cause my brain to melt and slide out of my ears. And there shouldn't be any merchandise for sale at this location because then I'll feel compelled to buy it, and then I'll be even more annoyed with myself than I already am.

What's that? There is no such place? Well then that explains my current state, which can be summed up quickly as tired, bored, and grumpy. Nice.

I'm going to try to contribute one positive thing to the world today, and I'm such a loser it's not even my idea. One of my friends posted it on a message board this morning and it's really good food for thought.

Just for today: I will surrender my expectations, look to my Higher Power for guidance, and accept life.

Maybe I should take my own advice. Good night all!

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You just spoke for every mom in the whole universe! Summer in AZ is like winter in UT. Except that if you dress really warm in the UT winters you can stand to be outside a tad bit longer than summers in AZ. Good Luck!

Ya, I reckon it's about time for this state to cool off. I love Arizona, but at about this time of year I question my loyalty to this beloved state.

Hope today was betta. Love you kids!