Just a little shout-out

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 7:09 PM


to my little man. Dev started his new pre-K class this week at Bridges and we're all pretty excited. His new teacher, Ms. Dennell, says he is very participatory, which we knew of course! He got new shoes for the occasion (thanks, Nana!) and much to my dismay and his elation, they not only feature a cartoon character (that would be Lightning McQueen, the current favorite) but they light up with every jump.

Actually, I love them because he loves them. But I will say that Disney-character-festooned, light-up shoes are right up there with homemade hairbows on the list of things I never EVER thought my kids would be sporting in public.

One slice of humble pie, please, a la mode. Better make it a big one.

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lol.lol. you are so funny, can't stress that enough. devy...i'm diggin' your new shoes bro. i watched cars for the first time last week & thought of my cute nephs the whole time! (: happy preK dixons!

So at the end i thought you should have put ala gelato. hahaha.

we all have a few of those "i never thought i'd do that" issues. i never thought i would color my hair....hahahahahaha!!