Part the Second

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, August 17, 2007 at 2:16 PM


Awesome Husband Project Du Jour is now complete (well, pretty much - is anything ever really complete around here?) so I'd like to take this opportunity to regale all my many loyal readers with the gory details. We're gonna do the Twist and it goes like this...

Our hallway as it looked from December 2002 - July 2007 (note the "function meets...well, function" aesthetic, including - but not limited to! - clear plastic bins stacked to the ceiling, $2 wall clock, and County Hospital Special paint job):

Then it looked like this for most of July and August, which - dare I say it? - yes, it was even worse than before. But this is where the Awesome Husband bit comes in, because he cut those holes himself, he put some wires and cables in those holes, the drywall man came and closed them up, and guess what? Our internet still works! It's a miracle, I tell you, an absolute miracle. He learned it from his dad:

So as of this morning, the Hallway Formerly Known as the Bane of My Existence looks like this:

Now I've got some more plans for it, which may or may not include hanging a picture of my gorgeous family above the Wizzle Desk (for inspirational purposes) and acquiring some gut-wrenchingly uniform and adorable storage containers for my craft supplies (yes, I craft! No, not terribly often, but that's all going to change now. You watch your mouth.)

It's all going to change, dear reader, because of this (cue Hallelujah chorus please, singing of angels, light brighter than noonday sun, etc):

That right there, folks, is a sewing machine. And it's purple! (Kind of.) It's a sewing machine and it's mine, all mine. I didn't pick it out, I just came home one day and there it was on the counter waiting for me. David and Claudia flat-out lied to me about their whereabouts one day during lunch, but it was for a totally worthy cause because they were picking out this item, which is soon to spew forth curtains and baby clothes and drawstring bags and...actually, that's all I know how to make (and even that's a stretch) but dang it I have resources! Luckily, the machine comes with a how-to class so can learn how to turn the sucker on.

And, as always, stay tuned right here to be apprised of all my projects, which are sure to be forthcoming and plentiful. I hope.

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Wow...someone's on a nice list this year! What a lovely hallway you have.

I love the hall all finished. The last time I saw it you had blue paint on your hands and you were crouched almost upside down. Way to is beautiful! And sorry I lied...

Hooray! A sewing machine. What a sweet Claudia you have. Isn't she wonderful? And of course, David. That boy just makes me shake my head in disbelief. And your hallway looks SOOO good!!! Pat yourself on the back! Do I smell Ikea?! By the way, I have a friend, (my link: will&sam) who could use some help learning better how to use the wrap. I told her you're an expert and she's expecting to hear from you. LOVE YOU!