a Pig with a mind of her own

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, August 20, 2007 at 9:38 PM


We're getting some new teeth around our house, and so Miss Eve is none too happy right now. She's always sassy, but today she was feeling especially persnickety and she flat-out refused to eat in her high chair. Luckily we arrived at a middle ground: I had Dev's car seat in the kitchen and she thought that was a perfect spot for a picnic lunch. She insisted on being buckled and everything (no, she's not got a stitch on, thank you very much!) and ate her turkey sandwich right there, happy as a clam.

Hey, this way I figure everyone gets what they want - she's presiding on her throne, and I get her buckled in place so she doesn't track bread crumbs from here to kingdom come. Some days you have to pick your battles, and I was thrilled to get so many pictures of her smiling for once!

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Your a great Mom! I hope I can be like you. Your kids look so cute a happy, even if she is Sassy sometimes! She gets that spitfire from her Mom!

Hey! Found your blog through Jake & Em's. Looking forward to keeping up with you guys. Cute Fam! Loretta

wow! she has gotten so big! i knew all that eating was going to catch up with her. she is beautiful!