Why I have the best husband evah

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 9:34 PM


Part the First:

This is a picture of me playing my brand spankin' new Roland RD-700 SX, which is a keyboard-type gizmo that does 1,000,001 things. But the only one I am concerned with right now is that it makes piano noises, and it feels JUST like a piano. If any of you ever played anything with the word "Casio" on it in the 80's, you are shaking your head right now and clucking softly to yourself. "No, Rachel, it doesn't feel like a piano. A keyboard cannot feel like a piano. The poor dear has been hitting the crack pipe again."

While I will be the first one in line to say that nothing can replace the soul of a real live handmade flesh-and-blood grand piano, for the money I assure you this creature in my living room cannot be beat. It is absolutely glorious, and the fact that it can't go out of tune is very appealing as well. I'm sure my kids are as we speak assembling a reconnaissance team to determine whether or not pennies can still be deposited between the keys (they can, I assume) but at least pencils, guitar picks, and the like can't fall into the cabinet - since there isn't one!

And what music am I playing on my new Roland RD-700 SX? (BTW, I have to look up the model number every single time, even though I just typed it less than 5 minutes ago, because it's so random and I seem to have no ability to remember model numbers whatsoever)...

That would be the Note-for-Note Piano Transcriptions Elton John Keyboard Book. Mmmm-hmmm. I was looking online today for some new sheet music, and I had this very book in my cart, but did I have to buy it? No, I did not, because the Best Husband Evah came home from work early with a little Milano's bag especially for me. Adorable and psychic!

So drop by sometime and I'll treat you to a very faithful rendition of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, for old time's sake. You'll have to sit on the floor though, because the couch is covered in Ikea boxes. Arrrgh!

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Hey Rachel! Long time no see, your pictures are so cute! How ARE you? What are you up to? I just happened upon your blog, so crazy! We need to catch up :) Briann Barnum Neeley

THat is TOO funny! I actually was thinking about you the other day too. I am doing great. As you can see I just got married about 4 months ago and am loving it! I met Shaun in Salt Lake ( I never thought I would live here!) I remember when we would hang out in choir or plays and at your house oh the life! We were great buddies! Im actually coming down to AZ in Sept for a couple days, maybe we can get together? Anyways, your awesome, love ya!

That is the coolest thing. I'm so happy for you-you are so deserving!
Note to David: What is up?! That was like the nicest thing ever! Disneyland and now this? I love you! Thank you for being so good to my sweet sister. I'm sending you a thank you hug. Feel it?

I feel it - thanks Em. :)