Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

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So Saturday was supposed to be the second audition for the lead vocalist position in David's momentarily nameless band, at which I was scheduled to bring the house down/rock your body/change the face of music as we know it/etc etc...

...but the drummer was in the hospital passing a kidney stone. So David and I instead set about cleaning and organizing the Pit of Despair (oops, sorry - garage). Then we, um, trashed our hotel room and David played the guitar with his teeth while I signed autographs on the bare backsides of hordes of screaming, frothing, nubile young fans...

You know, just your basic rock star stuff.

Actually, we dropped an unseemly amount of money on plastic storage tubs the color of Silly Putty, wall hooks on which to hang shovels, bikes, and ladders, and
a label maker. (It's okay to be jealous of our insanely glamorous life.) We've been working really hard, but it's nowhere near done so you don't get to see it yet. That's just how I roll.

This morning we also had our monthly "babywearing" meeting at a park in Chandler, where we had the opportunity to meet someone very special. Mr. Chocco is a wrap whose owner is Paulus, an adorable father of two in Brisbane, Australia. Paulus is a very active part of my babywearing message board, and this wrap was featured in many photographs that he shared with us while learning to carry his newborn son. He was, however, unsatisfied with how long the wrap was taking to "break in", so he decided 9 months ago to send it on a journey around the world, hoping it would return to him soft and full of memories.

Mr. Chocco arrived in Arizona this week, and his host Kerri was kind enough to bring him to our meeting so we could all get pictures with him and give him a hug on his way back to Oz. Eve was busy with a balloon and a sandwich so Devlin was my model today. If you'd like to see more of Mr. Chocco's travels, you can look here (but you'll have to register to read).

Now, go outside if you haven't already because I feel the weather changing. You don't want to miss a single minute! The high is only supposed to be 90 today and it was positively pleasant at the park this morning. It's about freakin' time!

Just one of those days

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You know - that kind of day.

The kind of day where you eat out all three meals.

The kind of day when you find yourself digging head over heels through garbage cans and crawling over, under, and through your a dress.

The kind of day when you spend your baby's entire naptime trying to extract a penny from the teeth of the paper shredder.

The kind of day where, come 5 pm, you find yourself vacuuming (bits of paper from the aforementioned shredder incident, natch!) with 65 pounds of child hanging off you.

At least we look good doing it!


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So, the deed is done.

The party is over, and it was everything I dreamed it could be! No, seriously, it was really fun. Kids this age are very easily impressed, and since no one was maimed or poisoned on my watch, I consider it an unqualified success!

Dev is such a lucky boy to have so many friends and family who love him, and we really appreciate those of you who were able to share this day with us! Of course there were some who we missed, and you know who you are. We love you all too! In case you're dying to participate vicariously, may I present the rough order of the day:

Nana and Papa were first on the scene.

Angie and her Bow were present and adorable, as always.

Granny and Grampa D were having a little moment (doesn't Mark look awesome???!!!) He's inspiring David to eat grilled chicken and brown rice for dinner, albeit reluctantly.

And Holly looks...well, concerned. Maybe she got a bad mango.

Aren't my friends beautiful? (I have many other beautiful friends, of course, just that everyone else had the sense to run and hide when the camera came out...)

And this mischief-filled frame is why I didn't invite *more* kids - they're darling, but I can only handle so many. Do they look like they're plotting to take over the world, or what? At the very least, I am certain that Ben (in the middle there) was plotting how to open all Dev's presents for him. I found it exquisitely poetic for the birthday boy to get a taste of his own medicine in that department!

Devlin, of course, wanted to open presents first, but we managed to talk him into a pre-greedfest game of Duck Duck Goose. I am quite embarrassed to admit that I worried about this game being "enough" for the kids - you know, hoping they weren't going to want to play Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution or whatever it is that 4-year-olds do nowadays. My fears were completely misplaced - I practically had to drag them into the kitchen for cake and presents half an hour later!

We also had coloring available as an activity for our more artistic/civilized guests.

Please please PLEASE can we open presents now?

Do you think they're excited? Either that, or Abby swallowed a bug. (Inside this particular box, by the way, was the fabled Big Blue Mater to whom you've almost certainly already been introduced if you've talked to Devlin at all in the last 2 months.)

And if you're wondering why your local toy store is sold out of Cars merchandise, a quick peek inside my house will give you your answer: we have it all. All of it, I say! Muahahaha.

Much to my surprise, my baby now wears size 5T.

Cake (from Costco - I decided I can make either the invitations or the cake, but not both).

One happy, happy monkey. Thanks, everyone! Dev loves you.

Here's what I did today

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It's not framed yet, but the actual page is done 3 DAYS EARLY so I think that qualifies me for the world record, thank you very much. It has been such a fun experience to do this for Dev - I wanted us to have a snapshot of him just the way he is right now, at this age that I have loved so much. I hear lots of people say that 3- and 4-year-olds are awful to be around, but they don't have 3-year-old. He's wonderful, and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us.

Happy (early) birthday, Dev.

At least I know who Hermione is...really!

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Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

You are Hermione. You're a bookworm always in search of answers. When pressed, however, you can always be counted on to put away the books and help your friends.
Find Your Character @

Whew, glad I got someone I've heard of. Yikes. I've really got to read these books or soon I will have no one left to talk to about anything else! (Oddly, this said by the girl who was just proclaimed a bookworm by the illustrious


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You guys are funny. Patience, my dears, patience!

They haven't decided yet. I was the only one who sang yesterday, actually, and we're having another rehearsal in 2 weeks with me again and the other hapless contestant. We had some pretty significant technical difficulties yesterday (amounting basically to me not being able to hear myself sing - hey, no problem for a professional such as myself!) so we're going to hold the next audition at the other guitarist's house and hope things go better. David insists they do not usually have these kinds of problems.

Apparently the other guys wanted to know why I didn't move around more. In case they're reading - they're not - allow me to address that concern.

1) There was no room to move. 5 people + beaucoup guitars + drumset + 5,382,904 cables etc = one crowded living room. There was no shimmy space whatsoever.

2) Every time I did move, and lots of times when I didn't, we were all graced with a tremendous feedback screech from my supposedly feedback-proof mic.

3) I literally had to press my lips against the mic to be able to hear myself at all. I thought that was more important than my dance moves, which are admittedly probably not very impressive.

4) Energy is received as well as given, boys! You gotta put some out to get some back.

Anyway, so it went pretty well I guess but we're all going to think about it for a couple of weeks and reconvene. Now, did you all really want to know, or were you just throwing your names into the Bentley fishbowl? :)

Rock star(s)

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I'll just never have any peace if I don't do it, plain and simple.

David's band, formerly known as Scout - master Dave, Liquid Charisma, The Unrest, and countless other (wisely) discarded epithets, has recently reunited after an extended hiatus due to Having Lives And Responsibilities. When last they convened, it was decided that David should step down from the vocalist position and focus on duties as rhythm guitarist and songwriter. This was prompted by some feedback on a demo recording they made a couple of years back and peddled to local record companies/radio stations/concert venues. So, they're in the market for a singer - someone attractive, charismatic, talented, fun, bespectacled (well, they didn't specify bespectacled, but I think it's a very chic look myself).

I'm sure you see where this is going. Besides, everyone likes a chick singer! Look what it did for No Doubt - you don't even actually have to be able to sing, evidently. But I digress.

Long story short, they're holding auditions tomorrow for a replacement singer and I'm on the list. The bandmates want to keep it to their own social circle if possible, so it's going to be me and a couple of other guys the drummer dug up from a hole in the ground somewhere vying for the coveted position of Singer In a Nameless Band Destined Never To Be Heard Outside Of Our Living Room. As David very rightly pointed out, I don't have to be Beyonce - I just have to be the best available option. Good thing too, because Beyonce's got a new commercial and DAYAM that girl can shake it!

I'm not at all convinced I want to do this, but I have always wanted to sing with a band and I guess sometimes you've got to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. Don
't worry, if this thing should take off and we become the next Evanescence, I won't forget all the little people (just be sure to leave me a comment so I can put you on my list of "people to buy Bentleys" when I've hit the big time!)

Bang-up Job

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First off, I figured out what I was doing wrong so now I can once again have my Charmingly Whimsical® randomly inserted turquoise words. If I told you what it was, you would laugh because it's so incredibly stupid - so I'm not going to tell you. Carry on!

Secondly, the more important bit. It's Labor Day, and I've spent a pathetically large portion of the day attempting to get a clear picture of Eve's foot and failing miserably. It's something to do with the F-stop, evidently, and I'll be a monkey's uncle if I know how to change the F-Stop. I wouldn't know an F-stop if I fell over it in the street, so until I do you'll just have to pretend I intentionally make the main subject of my photos blurry and the backgrounds crystal clear. You know, for effect.

Finally, the reason (of course) that I wanted a picture of Evie's foot is that she pulled one of our home theater speakers off the stand yesterday and it landed on her little toes. They're not broken, as luckily for her baby feet are apparently made mainly of fat and gristle and the bones are pretty hard to break. It doesn't actually seem to bother her much at all, but it looks positively frightening so I thought you all might like to see it at its worst.

Hoping for a less eventful day today.