Bang-up Job

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, September 3, 2007 at 1:32 PM


First off, I figured out what I was doing wrong so now I can once again have my Charmingly Whimsical® randomly inserted turquoise words. If I told you what it was, you would laugh because it's so incredibly stupid - so I'm not going to tell you. Carry on!

Secondly, the more important bit. It's Labor Day, and I've spent a pathetically large portion of the day attempting to get a clear picture of Eve's foot and failing miserably. It's something to do with the F-stop, evidently, and I'll be a monkey's uncle if I know how to change the F-Stop. I wouldn't know an F-stop if I fell over it in the street, so until I do you'll just have to pretend I intentionally make the main subject of my photos blurry and the backgrounds crystal clear. You know, for effect.

Finally, the reason (of course) that I wanted a picture of Evie's foot is that she pulled one of our home theater speakers off the stand yesterday and it landed on her little toes. They're not broken, as luckily for her baby feet are apparently made mainly of fat and gristle and the bones are pretty hard to break. It doesn't actually seem to bother her much at all, but it looks positively frightening so I thought you all might like to see it at its worst.

Hoping for a less eventful day today.

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Owie! I should be attempting to feel Eve's pain, but instead I identify with you and your camera issues! I can't say how many times I've tried to photograph injuries, in particular, with only blurred success! I guess we both have a morbid fascination with recording our children's bumpy road through childhood.

So sad Eve had to have an owie, but thank goodness for fat and grissle. :)

Hey there, it's Valerie (used to be Payne, I'm no longer a Payne, ha ha get it?) anyhoo I found your blog through random occurences and thought I'd say hi! So hi! Your family is cute and your daughter's foot looks painful poor thing!

ouch evie! sadface. take care girlie.

and ps rachel: cute cute invites!! so excited for the par-tay! love me some dev & cars!

Fat and grissle. That makes me think of when one of those guys in Harry Potter breaks his arm falling off a broomstick and how they just magic it back together. Sounds like Eve is better off than that and I'm happy to hear it. I love you and your little monklets. Mwah!

Hey, is Dev having a party? Can I get an invite even if I can't come? :(

ouch. poor evie. hope it gets better soon.