Just one of those days

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 8:00 PM


You know - that kind of day.

The kind of day where you eat out all three meals.

The kind of day when you find yourself digging head over heels through garbage cans and crawling over, under, and through your bushes...in a dress.

The kind of day when you spend your baby's entire naptime trying to extract a penny from the teeth of the paper shredder.

The kind of day where, come 5 pm, you find yourself vacuuming (bits of paper from the aforementioned shredder incident, natch!) with 65 pounds of child hanging off you.

At least we look good doing it!

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Oh, Rachel. I hope tomorrow is better. You sweet thing.

P.S. I love you

Mmm...sounds like you have some stories to share! I'm particularly interested in the dress-wearing garbage diving...did David perchance lose another retainer?

Oh, you mean one of THOSE days. I guess we all have them. I have to say I never had one of those days looking so amazingly beautiful while it was in progress. How DO you do it? I kind of go for the harried, haphazard, witchy look on those days. Not on purpose, btw.

Heidi, we STILL have cardboard boxes sort of lingering about the place from our so-called move. I tried to stuff the last of them into the newly-empty recycle bin yesterday, only to change my mind and have to retrieve them all so I could load them in the car and drive them over to the BIG bins a few miles away. They were wedged in there pretty tight, so there was some wrestling involved! THere was also a whole bunch of stuff that blew out of the bin the other night when we had a huge storm scattered all in the bushes so that was the other half of the story. Sigh.

Holy Supermom! Those are the days that must end with some sort of delicous dessert.

You da mama! so basically my favorite comment was heidi's.

Valerie, my dear, most of my days end with a delicious dessert! :)

WOW! Rachel you seriously are amazing, I can't believe you can carry 65 lbs of child, plus dig out of trash in a dress plus do all those things you do!

Well, I'm glad to hear that you weren't frantically searching for something that you feared was at the bottom of the bin.

what a coincidence, i had one of those days too! but i didn't shower. you're pretty. the end.

Hey, wasn't that Dev's birthday too? Sounds fabulous. I can't believe how strong you must be to carry them BOTH like that! Is this done on a regular basis??
You and the kiddos are looking so cute, as usual!

Rachel- I love the kid carriers. Everyone has told me they are the only way. I'll have to get cool colors like yours. Luv, Cammy Moffat

I can relate. I might not have the kids, but my days recently have been of a similar mind set (see my newest post). Thanks for the comments on my blog - it's fun to catch up on how you're doing!

- Emily