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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, September 24, 2007 at 1:51 PM


So Saturday was supposed to be the second audition for the lead vocalist position in David's momentarily nameless band, at which I was scheduled to bring the house down/rock your body/change the face of music as we know it/etc etc...

...but the drummer was in the hospital passing a kidney stone. So David and I instead set about cleaning and organizing the Pit of Despair (oops, sorry - garage). Then we, um, trashed our hotel room and David played the guitar with his teeth while I signed autographs on the bare backsides of hordes of screaming, frothing, nubile young fans...

You know, just your basic rock star stuff.

Actually, we dropped an unseemly amount of money on plastic storage tubs the color of Silly Putty, wall hooks on which to hang shovels, bikes, and ladders, and
a label maker. (It's okay to be jealous of our insanely glamorous life.) We've been working really hard, but it's nowhere near done so you don't get to see it yet. That's just how I roll.

This morning we also had our monthly "babywearing" meeting at a park in Chandler, where we had the opportunity to meet someone very special. Mr. Chocco is a wrap whose owner is Paulus, an adorable father of two in Brisbane, Australia. Paulus is a very active part of my babywearing message board, and this wrap was featured in many photographs that he shared with us while learning to carry his newborn son. He was, however, unsatisfied with how long the wrap was taking to "break in", so he decided 9 months ago to send it on a journey around the world, hoping it would return to him soft and full of memories.

Mr. Chocco arrived in Arizona this week, and his host Kerri was kind enough to bring him to our meeting so we could all get pictures with him and give him a hug on his way back to Oz. Eve was busy with a balloon and a sandwich so Devlin was my model today. If you'd like to see more of Mr. Chocco's travels, you can look here (but you'll have to register to read).

Now, go outside if you haven't already because I feel the weather changing. You don't want to miss a single minute! The high is only supposed to be 90 today and it was positively pleasant at the park this morning. It's about freakin' time!

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That wrap looks fun!! I wish I had one so I could let my husband carry me around most of the time :)

What a cool idea. In high school we did that but with one of the English teacher's gnomes. Anyway, Devlin looks so happy to be wrapped up with his mommy. It's amazing that you can carry BOTH of them. If the rock star thing doesn't work out (which it seriously better because you are better than EVERYONE and they will face my wrath if they go with some other goose) you can be a spokesperson for those wraps on tv--maybe QVC, what you think?