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So, the deed is done.

The party is over, and it was everything I dreamed it could be! No, seriously, it was really fun. Kids this age are very easily impressed, and since no one was maimed or poisoned on my watch, I consider it an unqualified success!

Dev is such a lucky boy to have so many friends and family who love him, and we really appreciate those of you who were able to share this day with us! Of course there were some who we missed, and you know who you are. We love you all too! In case you're dying to participate vicariously, may I present the rough order of the day:

Nana and Papa were first on the scene.

Angie and her Bow were present and adorable, as always.

Granny and Grampa D were having a little moment (doesn't Mark look awesome???!!!) He's inspiring David to eat grilled chicken and brown rice for dinner, albeit reluctantly.

And Holly looks...well, concerned. Maybe she got a bad mango.

Aren't my friends beautiful? (I have many other beautiful friends, of course, just that everyone else had the sense to run and hide when the camera came out...)

And this mischief-filled frame is why I didn't invite *more* kids - they're darling, but I can only handle so many. Do they look like they're plotting to take over the world, or what? At the very least, I am certain that Ben (in the middle there) was plotting how to open all Dev's presents for him. I found it exquisitely poetic for the birthday boy to get a taste of his own medicine in that department!

Devlin, of course, wanted to open presents first, but we managed to talk him into a pre-greedfest game of Duck Duck Goose. I am quite embarrassed to admit that I worried about this game being "enough" for the kids - you know, hoping they weren't going to want to play Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution or whatever it is that 4-year-olds do nowadays. My fears were completely misplaced - I practically had to drag them into the kitchen for cake and presents half an hour later!

We also had coloring available as an activity for our more artistic/civilized guests.

Please please PLEASE can we open presents now?

Do you think they're excited? Either that, or Abby swallowed a bug. (Inside this particular box, by the way, was the fabled Big Blue Mater to whom you've almost certainly already been introduced if you've talked to Devlin at all in the last 2 months.)

And if you're wondering why your local toy store is sold out of Cars merchandise, a quick peek inside my house will give you your answer: we have it all. All of it, I say! Muahahaha.

Much to my surprise, my baby now wears size 5T.

Cake (from Costco - I decided I can make either the invitations or the cake, but not both).

One happy, happy monkey. Thanks, everyone! Dev loves you.

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What a day. Thanks Rachel for your hard work. Dev, you da man!

Oh, you commented! I just realized you guys made an account. Nice to see you around! :)

And a good time was had by all. Thanks for letting us come! Devlin is so charming...he could teach alot of us older folks a thing or two about gracious receiving.

It looks like you had alot of fun! When I have my kids I will be calling YOU for advice! ;)

No, I did not tear up reading about Devy's party that I missed, I'm not wiping my nose right now, and I'm not in the slightest bit blue. I'm just counting my blessings for the times I do see him and for how diligently you keep me posted on all his adorable happenings. I've never known a sweeter child than Devlin. We wish him also a very, very, very, very (4-one for each year) happy birthday!

He's a good lookin' boy! Happy bday to him!