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You guys are funny. Patience, my dears, patience!

They haven't decided yet. I was the only one who sang yesterday, actually, and we're having another rehearsal in 2 weeks with me again and the other hapless contestant. We had some pretty significant technical difficulties yesterday (amounting basically to me not being able to hear myself sing - hey, no problem for a professional such as myself!) so we're going to hold the next audition at the other guitarist's house and hope things go better. David insists they do not usually have these kinds of problems.

Apparently the other guys wanted to know why I didn't move around more. In case they're reading - they're not - allow me to address that concern.

1) There was no room to move. 5 people + beaucoup guitars + drumset + 5,382,904 cables etc = one crowded living room. There was no shimmy space whatsoever.

2) Every time I did move, and lots of times when I didn't, we were all graced with a tremendous feedback screech from my supposedly feedback-proof mic.

3) I literally had to press my lips against the mic to be able to hear myself at all. I thought that was more important than my dance moves, which are admittedly probably not very impressive.

4) Energy is received as well as given, boys! You gotta put some out to get some back.

Anyway, so it went pretty well I guess but we're all going to think about it for a couple of weeks and reconvene. Now, did you all really want to know, or were you just throwing your names into the Bentley fishbowl? :)

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Again-good luck!

Of course you need your space to get on your Beyonce! What are they thinking?! I'm so happy to hear you're doing this. No doubt.

I am offended by the Bentley offer! I am your sister and my intentions are pure, I insist. I want a lime green bug, remember?

Awesome Rachel!!

Ps...You are way hotter than Beyonce!