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Halloween is officially "on" around our place.

The first in a week long series of parties was last night - the annual Lyn Rae Ward-ish Area Costume Carnival. It was fun but utterly exhausting for everyone involved (both kids are stone cold passed out as I speak, and if there's any justice in this world they will remain so for at least 2 more hours). Here's the short version:

Devlin - Fun!
- being a cowboy
- meeting lots of other cowboys!
- and a bonus cowgirl!!
(he likes it when things "match")
- cupcakes with carrots on top (actually they were candy pumpkins, but he liked them a lot better when he thought they were carrots)
- seeing his friend Micah, dressed roughly as Lightning McQueen no less
- chips with cheese, also known as nachos
- winning an very large orange balloon

And tears!
- popping said orange balloon (he's still talking about it)

Eve - Fun!
- gummi hamburgers (don't even ask, I've never seen anything so gross-looking in all my born days)
- the fishy pond (upon being informed of her nut allergies, they very kindly replaced her Reese's cup with a string of Mardi Gras beads! Ha! How did they know?)
- the cake walk - she was shockingly cooperative
- the fishy pond, a couple more times
- a costume not dependent on any kind of headgear
- lots of compliments on her hair, shoes, and general appearance
- finding her binky

And tears!
- lots of strangers
- lots of noise
- party beginning at 6 pm, aka piggy bedtime
- very nearly unrecognizable Granny due to wig, makeup, and tall pointy hat

I'm thinking that Halloween with very young children is one of those things where you just take pictures and the years go by, and all you remember are the happy moments captured in the photographs. That's what I'm hoping for. Dev is old enough that he's really enjoying this year a lot, but I get the impression Eve pretty much wishes I'd just put her to bed, sans wings, and let her attack the candy pile in the morning!

One out of two ain't bad, I guess.

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It does get more fun as they get a little older..and a little more stressful. Haha. I'm glad you came. It made the night worth it for me.

Rachel! Your Pollyanna blogs are perfect! Thanks for sharing the love :) You look great, and your kids are precious! Send me an email so I can invite you to our blog :) I'm excited to keep up w/ you better!

I hope you never tire of hearing it because I will never tire of saying it, nor do I ever feel I've said it enough. Your children are BEAUTIFUL. I fall in love with them every time I see them. And I'm so glad you are so diligent in posting their adorable stories. It makes me miss them terribly, but it makes it seem like I'm missing less of them. Every little thing they say is a treasure to me.

P.S. Notting, notting, yes yes. That's my Tucson.

Little kids and holidays are odd. Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, I'm like, do you even understand what's going on? But it's funny how the thing I enjoy most about holidays is how my kids love them.

Your kids are too dang cute! Sassiness, crying and all!

Hey Rachel and David - remember me? I caught your blog and I am so excited to see your cute family! I'm so glad that you guys are doing well! I'd love to talk soon!
Emily "Standage" O'Loughlin... check us out oloughlinfam.blogspot

I love that last photo of Eve. It is great to read your blog.

Hi Rachel! I didn't even recognize you with your cute short 'do! You have such cute kids. I love your kids' Halloween costumes. I keep forgetting you married Angie's brother. I remember you guys were an item in HS. :) I'm glad I can keep up with you!

It was fun to see you guys that night! How cute are your children? Seriously. Very cute. I loved their costumes! What a fun mom, that actually let her son PICK out on his OWN what to dress up as. Poor Micah...he is NOT so sure about his Bamm-Bamm costume. Maybe we'll see you guys on Halloween...we'll be with the Rubbles...aka the Sparks fam.