A Chill in the Air

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 at 4:23 PM


That's what I *wish* I had felt this morning. It's October 12th today, for anyone who hasn't been paying attention, and I don't know what the official deadline is but in my mind October means AUTUMN. It's cooling off in the morning and at night a bit, but in the middle of the day it's still fairly oppressive. In the 90's today - guess it's no big deal I forgot to pack sweaters!

Here's some photos of my friends and I at Free Farm Day at Superstition Farm, less than 10 miles from my house. My legs still pretty much feel like jelly and my head is pounding from slogging around in the heat, so I don't have much energy left over for pithy captions or anything like that. I'm just thrilled to have made it home with both my children and the camera, thanks very much.

Here's my friend Amber with 3 of our collective children (we had 6 between all of us - oy vey!) waiting in line to get in:

Dev got his face painted - he very decisively asked for a sailboat on his right cheek:

The big kids were very charming and delightful, in spite of the miserable weather conditions:

And here's the house I have chosen to move to in Portland, because I really, truly, honestly do not think I can take this heat another day.

Yes, I realize I am strange. But I just don't care.

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i'm with you. i bought a freaking jacket the other day because i was excited about the weather. and now i hear talk about three digits again! boo.

devy...of course you would request a sailboat...because you are stinking adorable, and you do stinking adorable things. keep that up. you're good at it. (:

Portland, eh? I'll believe it when I see it... :)

But of course when I see it I'll be jumping up and down, crying and screaming with excitement! (In case that wasn't understood.)

Yeah, well, I'm at least partly serious...there is the whole "job" question, of course...

I LOVE that house! It's so cute! Well Utah weather is getting cold, wet and just yuck! Although today was great weather, to bad I am stuck inside at work :(