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Guess I'm voting for Kucinich. Anyone care to join me? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

David also got Kucinich as his best match, although my results were much more dramatic. Kucinich was far and away the closest match for my political beliefs, while David basically came up as a tie between about 5 people. This got us talking.

David is a realist. Rachel is an idealist. (In other breaking news, the sun rose this morning, set this evening, and the earth goes round and round.) David will be voting for the person who most closely matches his political leanings and who he believes to have a viable shot at getting elected. I will be voting for the person with whom I most closely agree, even though he has the proverbial snowball's chance in hell.

David thinks a vote for Kucinich is a "wasted vote". I think it is my ethical duty to vote my conscience.

What about you? Have you chosen a candidate? How did you decide? Did you consider all the options, or do you select from the people you figure will make it to the general election? Do you think your vote counts?

I am grateful that I have this to think about. I'm grateful that I can hold my government to such high standards. I hope that someday people like Dennis Kucinich (and Ron Paul, and Mike Gravel, and Jim Gilmore) are able to really have a shot at getting elected even though they don't have a trillion dollars and the oil companies backing them, but I'm grateful that in the meantime they have an opportunity to speak their mind publicly. I wish more people really did avail themselves of that freedom and speak their minds. I'm hopeful that someday Americans will be spoken of in the media - and among ourselves - as individuals who can hold complex and contradictory beliefs, who cannot be divided neatly along lines of political party, gender, race, or religion. We deserve more than that. We are smarter than that.

At least, I hope we are.

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Here's to America. I love that we can vote our conscience. Nicely written, Rachel.

OK, I'm definitely voting for Kucinich now - his wife is a 29-year-old hippie redhead from England with a tongue stud. LOL...

Well, it's all settled then! I'm not 6 feet tall, though, I hope that's ok...

Can you imagine a redheaded, barely-older-than-me First Lady???!!!

Well I'm probably voting for Mitt Romney. Reasons, 1)My mom said I shouldn't and it's a way to rebel against my mom's political views without really rebelling because it's still Republican and my mom is uber Republican. 2)I want to have a Mormon president just because that would be sweet. I must admit I am usually the kind to vote for who I think has a chance of winning, but I don't think Mitt does, but I'm doing it anyways. This is as politically rebellious as I get. There isn't any one candidate who is perfect for my views since I have many strong opinions. My perfect candidate would:
1) End the war in a reasonably soon time frame
2) Do some major fixing in the healthcare area
3) Do some major fixing in the immigration area
4) Protect us and be honest (yeah right)

Valerie - sounds like you need to vote for Barack Obama like me. :)

I came here to point out Kucinich's babe of a wife, as well. A few years ago I predicted the following dynastic course:

1988 - George H. W. Bush
1992 - Bill Clinton
1996 - Bill Clinton
2000 - George W. Bush
2004 - George W. Bush
2008 - Hillary Clinton
2012 - Hillary Clinton
2016 - Jeb Bush
2020 - Chelsea Clinton
2024 - Chelsea Clinton

I'm voting Obama, though, in hopes of bringing down the Royal Families. :)

David, wassup! Are you seriously voting for Barack Obama?! I don't think I can vote with Oprah. :) Truthfully I need to do a little more research in the voting for president area because I don't know a whole lot about most of the candidates. I feel like presidents do little to change things except for giving the okay on wars. And P.S., Rachel you would rock as first lady but either way you can go ahead and get the tongue piercing ;)

Way to pull the political blog entry! Nice.

Well I would have to say I'm a little more conservative. My guy was Duncan Hunter, and I'm sorry Rachel, I believe I'm a realist also, even though Holly some times calls me a pessimist. I will not be voting for Mr. Hunter. However, I do wish there was more of an equal playing field for the candidates. One thing that it said I disagreed with the republicans was the Health Care system. If you or Dave or Mike would like to explain to me how a federal system would work it might pursaude me to consider Mr. Obama.


Thanks again for coming to visit, it was a ton of fun.