One more chance

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So, I decided to give this whole "autumn" concept another crack today, and I was not disappointed. David and I took the kids to the zoo and it was positively lovely! I wasn't born yesterday though, and I've been burned before (so to speak). We're not out of the woods yet. But at least this morning - this one glorious, fleeting morning - was pleasant.

I'll take it.

Because the parent:child ratio was 1:1 today, we were
actually able to get photographs. I haven't had to pay full price admission to the zoo in quite awhile, and egad! Caught me off guard. At least I had a coupon for the kids to get in free. We got a good couple of hours out of them before Eve melted down in high style, approximately half of which time was spent deciding which mode of transportation everyone wanted to use (available choices were sling, wagon, Dad's shoulders, and good old fashioned hoofin' it).

Basically all the rest of the time was devoted to the orangutans. They alone were worth the admission price! They act just like people, only it's cute when they have orange hairy jowls, twiggy dreadlocks, and man boobs.

There was a whole family - Grandma is 48 and the oldest living female in the world:

Dad is Mikey and was a little under the weather today, according to his caregivers who happened to be standing right behind us and gave us all the inside scoop:

And Mama Bess with Baby Kasi, who is 2:

Evidently Mikey and Bess are on the outs, so they kept a safe distance from each other. Kasi, on the other hand, is a born entertainer (if perhaps a little challenged in the hair department):

The orangutans are given T-shirts to build nests with at night. Being they are very smart little buggers, Bess saw her caregiver changing her shirt every day and began imitating the behavior:

Baby Kasi gave it a go as well but didn't meet with much success. We were all reminded of Eve trying to put on everyone else's shoes!

The porch sitters were not impressed:

Since we spent so much time observing the Monkeys, we thought it was only fair to pay a visit to the petting zoo to look for a corresponding Piglet. There were, however, no pigs to be found on the premises so we had to satisfy ourselves with riding a tractor and getting attacked by a crotchety old turkey.

Tonight we're headed off to enter David's world-famous key lime pie in the dessert competition at our ward's Elder's Quorum party. Assuming neither of our children plummet to their watery grave in the host's unfenced pool, I'll have lots more pictures to share of that.

Wish us luck!

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We LOVE the Phoenix Zoo! Great pictures of the orangatans. So glad you guys get to enjoy the AWESOME Arizona fall.

Those monkeys are adorable.
And the pigget. (;

THat looks like fun! We love the monkeys, they are by far the best!