A super vroomy fasty day

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2007 at 6:21 PM


It was Devlin's lucky day today.

I am blessed to have:

Truly, the sweetest little boy ever to walk the earth. He makes every day brighter.

A generous extended family who are only too happy to indulge Dev's Cars obsession via toys, apparel, and countless hours of automobile-related playtime.

A husband who shared the highlight of his year, the BMW Ultimate Drive, with Devlin completely of his own volition. Devlin was the only child in attendance and I'm pretty sure he's going to dream tonight about torque, horsepower, and a Roundel on every hubcap.

Don't let the bedbugs bite, Dev.

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I love this sweet kiddo. Cute dads & car related excursions rock as well. Makes me excited for a boy someday!

You are right...he is about the sweetest kid ever. What a treat to play cars with his dad!

I really wish we could get our kids together to play! They are so dang cute!

I'm sorry, is that your son? Last I checked Devlin was newly four--not all grown up. I can't believe how beautiful your kids are. I can't believe they can keep getting cuter. Love you Dev and Eve! We'll come see you soon!

I know, isn't he big??? I'm growing his hair out a little (more out of inertia than anything else) and I think it makes him look older.

That is so cool that your husband and son can share a common ground and both love the same things!

Ahh you are so positively positive! That's really cute!