Two for one

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 7:26 PM


OK, I don't usually blog every day so I missed one. I'll just do 2 things today! I assure you it is *not* a problem, seeing as I am Not Sweating The Small Stuff this week.

It's really been going pretty well. I had a pretty significant relapse in Target yesterday but today I had a new strategy (I'm thinking of marketing it as "Ignore Randomly Screaming Baby and Go About Your Business") and it works really well! In the privacy of my own home, anyway - I don't think I'm quite ready to take it on the road yet.

Here's my two very happy thoughts for the day:

1) David's home! Evie and I picked him up from the airport and then went straight to preschool to get Dev. We spent the whole afternoon together as a family and it was beautiful. 3 sets of chopsticks for Devlin at Pei Wei, one aborted trip to IKEA, 2 very very stinky diapers...

...and this!

A few months ago, my purse was stolen. My favorite purse - the one I picked out for myself for Christmas - my only gift that year. Very sad day for Rachel. Too expensive to replace without some careful planning. Apparently there was a Coach outlet near David's conference this week, and he spotted a very similar specimen on clearance. Of course, being the thoughtful guy that he is, this lovely purse now belongs to me!
I personally think that's enough happy thought to cover two days, but in the spirit of the Pollyanna Challenge I've got another one.

2) Instead of spending my free time whipping myself into an unproductive frenzy imagining all the little still-not-quite-moved-back-in-all-the-way house projects I should be doing, I've decided to actually do some of them!

Stay with me, now.

I made a to-do list on the white board in the kitchen and here's one of the first things I've been able to cross off. A few years ago, my dad anesthetized a photographer, David Spindel, who was a favorite of John Lennon's and took some of the final photos of him before he was assassinated. My dad is also an exceptionally thoughtful sort of fellow, and he managed to get me a couple of personally autographed prints from this guy. They've just been waiting for a frame and the right hangin' spot. Whaddya think? I think they look freakin' fantastic myself, and "frame/hang artwork" looks much better with a big black line through it on my white board!

And that, my friends, concludes our broadcast day. Stay cool - more to come tomorrow!

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I really love your writing style. The Target thing cracks me up.

Rats, no one was supposed to read this before I got the pictures up! Come look again, they're here now...:)

That's awesome!

We all have to have a few of those Target experiences to make us appreciate the good days. haha. You are a great mom. Congrats on the framing. Isn't it nice to get a few things done?????

These are so fun to read. Your inner funny. I have to attest though, I went to the Red Mtn. campus years ago and I'm glad to hear it's just as I left it. Quiet is underrated.

Ahhh Target and or Wal-Mart with my small child, ecspecially when I've zoned into a really good clearance section and I don't have time to hunt out all of the great stuff, so frustrating! That's so sweet of David to get you that purse! And I must say I am jealous, I really want a Coach purse and to find a Coach outlet would be like HEAVEN! And p.s. in that picture of you with your purse, you have the littlest butt ever! Again, jealous.