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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at 6:11 PM


Just thought you might like to know the surprise favorite Christmas gift of 2007 has turned out to be these towels. Who would have guessed? The kids can't wait to get out of the bath, and the prospect of her piggy towel is enough to coax Eve into remaining on the bath mat long enough to dry her off. Amazing! I don't miss the soggy footprints down my hallway one bit.

Poor Dev has been lying on the couch like death on a stick since Sunday. Maybe you can see the shadows under his eyes there in the photo? I took him to the doctor this morning, and he doesn't have pneumonia - yet - or strep (although I'm pretty sure our pediatrician is now missing at least one of his man parts due to a swift kick from a certain 4-year-old not too keen on a throat culture. Eh, I'm pretty sure he was done procreating, anyway. )

He did manage to eat a little something for dinner tonight (his first meal of any kind in almost 2 days!) so he was feeling quite refreshed. There are not many sounds I like more than him and Eve chasing each other back and forth through our bowling alley of a house, squealing and laughing, after dinner. Music to my ears!

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Gotta love those beautiful kids!

I love those towels! There is nothing better than cute kid towels, they rock! Poor Dev, I hate when my kids are sick. I always take them to the doctor when they get really sick, and I think this last time was the only time there was an actual infection. 99% of the time the doctor says, it will go away in 7-10 days, and I want to smack him for taking my copay for such nonsense :)

We have a doggie, a froggie, and a duck at our house. So fun.

It is nice to know when you choose well. Haha. I'm glad they like the towels.

Ha, ha! Poor doctor! That is worded in such a funny way, I don't feel guilty one bit reading it and laughing over and over. What adorables! Give Devy some extra loves from Auntie Em. He's my little man, in any state.

The kids look adorable in their new towels! Hope Dev is on the mend and starts to feel better soon! Oh yeah, maybe Pedi male docs should wear cups:-) Wrestling children in a Pedi office is the latest contact sport!

Oh my gosh...I would pay to see a replay of that! Poor Dev...feel better soon bud.

Heart, Ang

I suppose if I had a piggy towel, I'd probably bathe more often, which would certainly make my wife happy. A duck might be even better.

Hey, what's your email address? I wanted to ask you about something. My g-mail is rogans.michael... drop me a line.

They are so cute!! I love the towels! Okay so I have to admit that I have showed off your kids to my sisters because I think they are beautiful! Well, Rachel, you are a trouper! You are amazing at doing the whole thing natural. I'm a HUGE baby! I tried the images, and I will admit slight help when the epidural ran out, but you amaze me. My cousin loved her home birth too. Maybe after my 9th child... Um...
Love, Cam

Hey where are you? Still sick and your little chickies? I hope not. Feel better soon. Love you

Can I just say that your children are beautiful? Seriously darling. I love Dev's new longer hair too! Cute!!