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(cue U2, thanks...)

We had the great, chaotic pleasure this morning of attending a puppet show at our local library with the Bartle boys (Gavin was there too, although he didn't participate in the more athletic fountain festivities). The kids had a spectacular time - I'm sure it was a nice change of weather for Zach and Tyler (the Northwest is getting quite a bit of snow dumped this week as I understand it)!

We also went to lunch at Mickey D's afterward, and I'm happy to report that Devlin has overcome a previous Very Traumatic Experience at a McDonald's playground a couple of years ago. It was pretty harrowing, and involved him getting lost deep in the bowels of the tunnel, lots of shrieking, crying, and general carrying on, and me crawling through a play structure designed for people no more than half my size and who evidently view extreme static electricity as all part of the fun. Good times. Anyway, we had a much better time today, and even Misses Eve and Chloe were able to navigate the playground without incident.

And some of you have already heard this last story today, but you might as well cozy up for another round or feel free to skip to the next paragraph, because I don't quite have it out of my system and besides, I just think it's funny enough to tell it again!

Anyone who's spent much time around me the last few months has heard me ruminating on Devlin's school situation. He's a couple of weeks too young for the kindergarten deadline this year, but I had secured an exemption to register him anyway if I felt it would be best for him. After a great deal of Lana Dalton Honorary Handwringing (love you Mom!), I decided to enroll him in a program at the local public school for kids like Devlin who aren't quite old enough for kindergarten. The curriculum is exactly the same as kindy, and at the end of the year he'll be evaluated and he can either move up to first grade or repeat "real" kindergarten without having the stigma of being "held back". And it's free, did I mention that?

So, a couple of weeks ago I found out about this program and was informed in all seriousness that registration was likely to fill up very quickly, and while the process officially began at 8 am I would be wise to get there by 7 at the latest if I wanted a chance of getting in. Well, I'm what you might call a Parent Who Wants The Best For Her Children and I wanted more than a chance of getting in. I wanted to definitely get in. I asked the administrator what was the earliest she had had parents show up to this thing.

"Well, I've definitely seem people start driving by around midnight".


This should have been a red flag, because how would she even know? Does she sleep at the office? But I didn't catch it, and like the sucker I am I believed her and resolved to be there as early as I thought necessary to be sure to get Devlin a spot in this program. So I roll up to the door this morning in my warmest pajamas a little before 5:30 am (I though that would be a nice middle ground - I could leave my sleeping bag at home, but I should be in time to get a spot, right? I've camped out for admission to a lot of events in my time, but I kind of feel like I'm getting too old for it. Besides, kindergarten registration just isn't very glamorous any way you slice it.)

Not a soul was there. Not so much as a security guard.

So, I figured I had time to run by Einstein Brothers - a little treat for myself on account of dragging my selfless butt out into the cold, cold early morning. Got a bagel and some hot chocolate, and returned to the parking lot before 6 am.

Still no one. Hmmm. Am I even in the right place? Maybe registration is at the district office or something? But how will I found out? No one's at work yet because, you know, it's 5:30 am. Crap!

So I sat and ate my bagel, read a few chapters in my book, took a little nap, and a little before 7 am 2 other cars pulled in. Their occupants didn't look too scary (no scarier than I did!) so I mustered the courage to ask if they were there for Young Kindergarten registration too. They were, and a few minutes later the boss lady showed up. Remember, the one who had told me to be there at the crack of the crack? That one. She did very kindly let us in so I didn't have to sit on the freezing pavement for another hour and allowed us to fill out the paperwork inside.

To condense the rest of it, there was a little kerfuffle regarding Dev's immunization status (he's current, but the state-issued record hadn't been updated for awhile - apparently I'm the only mother she'd ever met who occasionally forgot to bring the card to the ped so they could sign it) and after asking very nicely, begging, pleading, threatening to exercise my legal right to sign a philosophical exemption waiver, and finally spending 30 minutes on hold at Palo Verde Pediatrics (ever tried to call your kid's doc first thing on a Monday morning? I don't recommend it) I got his records faxed over and all is well. I think I'm not the registrar's New Favorite Person, but what's done is done and after all, it was kind of her fault I was exhausted and starving by that point!

Anyway, Devlin will be sharing a classroom with 4 or 5 other kids from our ward and he's already counting the days until it's time for "big boy school". I for one am just glad to have it over and done with! I'll have to find something else to obsess about - but I'm just the girl for the job, right?

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That sounds so great!

Mickey D's rocks...even though I have anxiety about my child being killed in the play place! Can't wait to post pics!!

You are a hilarious writer.

Just imagining you waiting out there in your PJ's makes me giggle to no end! We should take our kids bike riding sometime :)

I was so scared after that big long story you were not going to get in somehow. I'm so glad they weren't that foolish. What a trooper you are. You're awesome Rachel. I love you.