New Year, New Blog

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 6:35 PM


I told you I'd be back, and I won't leave you hanging. If there's anyone even still checking my blog, here's the moment you've been waiting so eagerly for: pictures from Santa Barbara!

There was a swing in the front yard of our Montecito home. The kids didn't like it much though, as you can see here.

Just kidding.

In other news,the Pacific Ocean is cold. REALLY cold, even in the summer. Colder yet in January. But every year Devlin begs to go to the beach, and we are suckers for his pouty lip and long eyelashes, so we take him. Eve actually enjoyed the water more this year - she seems not to have developed a self-preservation instinct yet, as evidenced by this behavior and a number of others as well (standing/tap dancing on chairs and tables, destroying Devlin's sand castle, gleefully provoking her lamentably short-tempered mother)...

All in all, it was lovely. Christmas bounty provided the kids ample entertainment for the drive there, the drive home, and any downtime in between. I finished a new book, The Kite Runner, in time to see the movie in a theater (because I'm a snob, it's true - I have to read the book first) and we made it home in 7 hours (this is 2 hours short of the usual time with kids - David apparently mistook my loaded-to-the-max Toaster for a Formula One championship race car).

Don't go too far, now - I'm not planning to make 2 posts a month my new norm.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Wonderful swing photos! Welcome home!

Yea! I needed this. Didn't we have the best time. Thanks for sharing your adorable kids with us. I think I've actually succeeded in convincing some people that they're mine! Ha ha!

I did check your blog today! Hooray for happy Christmas memories and being able to wear bathing suits in December.

Cute Pics. I love that you guys were the only ones on that beautiful California beach! And isn't Emily the best Aunt!

Yeah, it was 9 am on New Year's Day - there was one other guy on the beach but he appeared to be sleeping ogg the previous night's festivities, if you know what I mean. He didn't want to be in the photos.

Looks like you guys had fun! I would have much rather been at the beach :)

Cute photos of the kiddies. Glad you guys had a great time in Cali. I've heard kite runner was good!

Aww how fun! Wonderful pictures!

The pics are priceless. The kiddos have really grown and are totally adorable!! Looks like another fun Christmas vacation. I've always enjoyed your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing more blog posts. Happy New Year!!

Looks like you had a GREAT time!