I must be crazy

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, February 23, 2008 at 6:22 PM


because today I thought it would be a great idea to move Eve into Devlin's room. Someone is going to be sharing in September, because we have 3 bedrooms. I floated the idea this weekend and Dev was so excited that I figured we'd give it a shot.

His exact words were actually "Oh, I would LOVE to have Evie sleep in my room! Then I wouldn't have to sleep alone anymore, and we could be friends forever!"

So from his perspective, this is nothing but good news. From mine, it's definitely a mixed bag so far.

They started off the night like in the photo, with Evie in her new big-girl trundle bed. She kept getting out, and then she said (in her little silent way) that she wanted to sleep in her crib. Devlin burst into tears and wailed "but I want her to sleep in MY room!" So she's currently in the pack-and-play in there, because her real crib doesn't fit through our doorways without being completely disassembled.

Best case scenario, Devlin will fall asleep quick and Eve will mess around and talk to herself for an hour like she always does.

I am not optimistic. Wish me luck.

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Ah, bedtime drama. There is definitely a learning curve for bedroom sharing. But kudos to you for starting early, and for putting the big kids together! It will smooth out eventually.

OH, all their little stories are so adorable. I swear a sweeter kid never graced the earth than that there, Devlin. (I am laughing right now.) Of course he wants a friend in his room. I love the pairing of those two. Miss Eve is so funny. Priss, priss, so funny. Of course, best of luck with the adjustment. It's a good I think that you're approaching the matter now and giving them some time to adjust before more changes...

So, when exactly are you due? It does take a "minute" for 2 in a room to catch on, but it gets better :) My favorite thing to do is read a bit of a classic book (Narnia & Peter Pan so far) at bedtime. The kids REALLY love it, and I get to broaden my classics! :) Good luck!

Hi! I was wondering if baby #3 was coming when I read the post that you were reading a baby name book! That is great news! Congratulations! We need to get together sometime! Hope you're feeling well!

good luck with your endeavors. room sharing's pretty much the cutest thing ever in my opinion.

ps: i am IN LOVE with the butterflies. Are those sheets or a blanket. I must know.

Angie - the butterflies are on a duvet (which is currently not stuffed with anything because a) it's hot here, and b) I'm not made out of money. The sheets are green with white polka dots and yeah, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I've wanted this bedding for Eve for a long time now, and it was on clearance when I went to get her some so I figured it was fate!

Congratulations! On your pregnancy that is! We are so excited for you.