Just one of those days

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 8:27 PM


You know, one of those days where I'm just very grateful and surprised that we're all alive at the end of it. What, no one else ever has days like that?

Carry on, then.

No, seriously, nothing really *happened* but little Miss Eve had it turned up to 11 today, as the fella says. Luckily I have two children and the bigger one has a very keen sixth sense for when Mama is on the edge. That boy can really turn on the charm, and a well-timed hug from him can definitely buy a few more minutes of sanity!

I'm going to list all the happy things about today so I can read back on this in a few weeks and think today was awesome (because after you're done reading them you're all going to think I'm an ungrateful little wench for complaining at all!)

1) I had an eye exam this morning, without my children, and I actually had enough birthday/Christmas money saved up to order myself some new prescription sunglasses! I didn't think I would have enough yet (remember when you were a kid and the thought of $250 barely being a drop in the bucket was just incomprehensible?) but I did, and I got myself a totally fierce pair, the better to look chic and fabulous all summer long. Bonus points, I did not have to have the dilating drops because...

2) I'm pregnant! They don't do the drops on preggos so I skipped eye makeup for nothing this morning. Ah well. Most of you know this news already, because I get a D- at keeping secrets, but I hadn't announced to the whole Blog World at Large yet - I've been waiting for my first midwife appointment to make sure we could find the heartbeat etc, and...

3) We did! That was yesterday, but I'm counting it for today because I haven't told anyone yet, and because my list is more impressive if I include it. Due September 19th-ish.

4) I took my kids to the park, and while I remembered the camera (yea!) the battery - and the backup - were dead (boo). However, I salvaged the outing by remembering to empty the kids' shoes of sand BEFORE we got into the car.

5) I mended and pressed David's suit pants while he was at class, because he has a big day at work tomorrow and he's kinda freaking out. I also get a D- at ironing my husband's clothes so this is a big accomplishment.

6) I finished making Eve's birthday invitations (don't be surprised if you don't get one - 2 year olds are crazy enough to make even this party-lovin' lady say "heck no" to big fiestas. Immediate family only this time, thanks!) This is especially noteworthy because I had no assistance whatsoever from my family (looking at you, Ang and Clod!) who are talented in this department and I still think they turned out really cute. See 'em up top there? Yes, those are piglets on the front.

7) My dad just sent me what he promises is a most excellent chicken tikka masala recipe and I cannot wait to try it out this weekend. I am of the Hungry Pregnant Lady variety, as opposed to the Barfing Pregnant Lady variety, so actually just writing about this dish so long after dinner has me all hot and bothered again, and wondering if any Indian places do take out...

8) when my husband just walked in the door carrying two Blizzards. Rock my world.

I think that ought to about cover it for today. And you know what? I'm in a good mood now! Just like magic, folks. Just like magic.

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Hooray for positive posts! You make me happy. What would Miss Eve like for her birthday?

For the first time ever, my prescription stayed the same at my last eye exam. They were able to take my last pair of glasses and convert them into prescription sunglasses for a measly $40. Victory was mine that day.

Congrats on the pending #3!

Enjoy the chicken tikka masala

Yea! I've been famished, famished I tell you for a new blog post. I love them, can't get enough. I'm so glad for the good news. And you know you can always ship the kiddies over to me if they get to be too much for you. Can't get enough of them either. I love you sister. I will SEE YOU SOON!!!

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear your a hungry pregnant women rather than a barfing pregnant women...much better let me tell you! Enjoy your dad's recipe. Everytime I've been invited to eat anything at your parent's house, it's been fabulous! Good luck with the cute kiddos! Cam

Hey Rachel! It's Jordan's wife Jennie. After we saw you guys at the movies last night I thought I'd check Emily's blog to see if you have one! Very cute blog, and by the way we definitly have days like that but what a great way to make it funny and positive!
P.S. I am of the hungry variety of pregnant women also and that chicken masala makes me want to go out for lunch now! :)

CONGRATS! I'm so excited for you! When are you due?