Pirates, room sharing, etc.

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 6:37 PM


This morning, the kids and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast. Devlin paused with a bite of yogurt mid-air and turned to me solemnly.

"Mom, do you know what pirates like?"

Hmm. I do not, in fact, know much about pirates or any of their special preferences, and until this morning I didn't think my children did either.

"Well, they don't like anything. Just their ship - their pirate ship."

Trying not to laugh, I inquired how he came to be so knowledgeable on the subject. With a sage, indulgent tip of his head, the truth came to light.

"It's because I watch Peter Pan so much".

Now if you all would indulge me once again, I was unable to get a photo of both children looking human at the same time so just mentally splice those two shots together and "cut me some slack", as I have been ordered several times today by my endlessly put-upon 4 year old. That poor child, the indignities he must endure at the hands of his doddering, decrepit mother.

On the up side, the whole room-sharing thing is going remarkably well. Devlin is so exhausted at the end of the day that he is snoring within minutes of bedtime, and nothing Eve says or does seems to bother him at all! Which is excellent, because she spends at least an hour after bedtime chattering to herself and kicking the wall as hard as she thinks she can get away with. Turkey.

We also received a phone call today from AZEIP, the state agency who approved Eve for speech therapy back in December. They finally have a therapist for her, so our first appointment is Wednesday morning! I'm so thrilled, because while I never get tired of hearing "mama" and "dada" and "uh-oh", and those words all thrill me to no end because a month ago she didn't say anything at all, I'd really love to make some more headway in that department. Wish us luck!

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It's amazing what emerges from Devlin's little mind! What a great comment about pirates' affection for their ships!

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.

Great story :) It seems Ryan & Brityn are about the same as your two. Brit will stay up and chat away while Ry snoozes. It's a beautiful thing :)