We have language!

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, February 3, 2008 at 6:39 PM


OK, I don't have a very good pic (that hasn't been posted already) but I have to give a shout out to my Piglet anyway. Today, Sunday February 3rd in the Year of our Lord 2008, Eve Dixon said very clearly, repeatedly, and in context, "ball" and "apple"!

For those of you who don't know, these are the only words she has ever said. She's pretty far behind on her speech and we don't know why - she hears fine and she doesn't appear to have any motor problems. She was qualified for state Early Intervention speech therapy but they're short on providers so we don't know if or when she'll be able to participate in that - but for now I am beyond thrilled because she *tried* to talk! On purpose! And she succeeded!

Hopefully this is the start of much bigger and better things to come. I know that girl is going to have a lot to say. So toss her the rock and give her a big hug next time you see her, because she deserves it!

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Yay for Eve! Can't wait to hear all the fun stuff she has been storing up for us! Rockfist, Eve!

Hooray for the spoken word! Go Evie! Miss you already...

Thrilling. I am speechless.

Hooray! Love those apples and balls!

Rachel I think you may have mistaken those first words. "Apple and ball," is not what she said. What Eve was really saying is Super Bowl. Great first words. Way to go Dave. Go Giants.

Go Evie! I bet when she does talk, she will just talk in sentences. No matter what though, she will one day talk so much you will miss the days of less speech. LOL. Dealing with my verbal Mimi is such a change from with Abby. It cracks me up sometimes.

WTG Eve!! That is awesome news!!Keep those words coming!!!

Hooray for Eve! That is WONDERFUL. And two words. I thought she might verbally "pop out" the way her mom did when she was about her age. Maybe you should tell that orange juice story here! And by the way, her hair looks very blond in that picture! What a happy girl. Apple and ball, excellent choice in first words. So good to talk to you tonight. I love you!

Aw, that's so great! Thanks for sharing!!

Rachel I have found you blog. You children are cute.

Hooray for the pigget!

That's WONDERFUL Rachel! Go Eve!

Great Job Eve! Funny Jake. Maybe Cameron and Eve can be friends.... we hear so much wordless jabbering from Cameron and I'm starting to wonder when we will begin to understand her. Totally different than Jacie!

congrats, that's awesome!

What a doll! I think that picture of her is perfect.

Hurrah! Maybe she's just a good listener :)

Yay Evie! You're awesome...and freaking cute.

Good job Eve! My sister didn't say one word until she was 4-5 years old. She's now graduating from ASU with 4.0. Eve, you're going to be talking up a storm before you know it and telling all those other people what's up!

Congrats...! That is so wonderful. First words are always cool and if she's been having you worried about a delay, then that's even cooler.

If it makes you feel any better, my mom was worried I had a delay and then all of a sudden I busted out with full sentences. Now I have two degrees from Ivy League universities. So, if so far everything else seems good, don't let it get you too nervous!

Drop me an e-mail mamanista@gmail.com because you won a contest you entered on my blog. If I hear from you by 8pm Feb 15th, I can tell you what you won and get the prize to you!

Oh man, this is the first time I've peeked at your blog--your kids are adorable!