You say it's your birthday

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 10:55 AM


Thanks to all my wonderful family who made this morning so fun! Eve is turning two on the 4th, and her party was a huge success. She is still, 2 hours later, playing totally unsupervised with her presents (at the moment it's the cash register, but sandbox has gotten some quality face time as well). We are all so lucky to have such a generous, loving family who are so present and thoughtful. Evie loves you (yes, even you Uncle Jake!)

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Cute girl! It was a fun party...perfect!

Oh there is nothing like an adorable two year old girl at her birthday party. That will be a highlight in my memory for a long time. I love this little girl with all my heart! We're so glad we could be there.

Lot's of fun. Good job Rachel.

Happy Birthday to her! Great fun. I want one of those to celebrate with. Guess what Rachel...I have red hair now too! You should check it out. Its fun.

Sorry we missed it! Eve is a doll.

THat looks like so much fun!

Happy Birthday Eve!! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday party!!

Love the birthday pictures! Um, and the Obama shirt:)

WOW! I thought she was already two, she looks so mature :)

hi rachel- this is april (ashby). you're kids are so cute! and i love your camera, those are awesome pictures!

Oh, you're sweet April! I hardly know how to use the thing, it is much much smarter than I am and I'm actually afraid that one day it's going to revolt and take over my house! Those pictures are with some of the most basic settings and tenuous grasp of lighting, etc. I do love it though!

Happy B-day to the cutest two year old around! Eve in the crown...kills me...too cute.

Such a babe! And a very bright one I must say.

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