Yee haw

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It's a GIRL! My baby is a girl, and she looks perfect. I am the luckiest mom in the world!

It's a Beautiful Day

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Did I already have a post entitled this at some point? I'd like to use it again, because while I know it wasn't perfect, somehow at the end of the day I am left with a feeling of unmitigated success and delight. Maybe it's because I got some adorable pictures of my kids - together! Since I know that's why most of you read this silly blog, allow me to present...

Two gorgeous babies (just don't tell Devlin I called them that - he does NOT understand the "you'll always be my baby" concept):

We had a lovely morning with Nana and Papa at the Desert Botanical Garden, frolicking amongst the butterflies:

Devlin loved them:

Eve kind of went back and forth:

Nana kept up with us like nobody's business. I guess her new hip must be working! The weather was *almost* too warm but not quite, and I can't think of a better way to spend a day than by gleefully and guiltlessly abdicating all household responsibilities and scampering off for an adventure with all (well, some of!) my favorite people. I love you all!

Did you know?

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That if you child/ren/cat/iguana/whatever spills a large glass of milk in your kitchen, and the mess covers 25% or more or the floor area (you can just eyeball this) that wiping it up totally counts as "mopping"?

Happy Wednesday!

The black hole

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Actually, it's a really chic, adorable striped hole - not black at all! But I still think it functions the same way: sucking in all light and matter within its massive gravitational pull.

Of course, I'm talking purse.

Tagged by my sister-in-law, I thought this might be funny. My purse has been in wildly varying states of array and disarray over the last week, and I actually have no idea where it currently resides on the spectrum. Shall we go find out together?

1) Sunglasses, in the brown case. Good thing I have a big purse, because these suckers are big! Just the way I like them.

2) Giant turquoise wallet. Plenty big enough to hold any credit, debit, frequent-buyer, or business card you could ever hope to lay hold of - and yet...

3) Cold Stone punch card (used this very evening at Chandler Mall before my midwife appointment - have you ever had their banana ice cream? Can't believe the stuff is legal), coupon for a free Taco Bell chalupa from the D-backs game the other night, and receipt from the car wash yesterday.

4) Two black roller ball pens. The only thing to write with.

5) Not one, but two travel size Aveda hand creams. Not sure how that happened...

6) Simon. He's my green iPod. Last seen playing Peter Gabriel and/or The Police.

7) 6 different lipsticks/balms/glosses. Most days, this is all the makeup I get around to, so I want to have options, apparently!

8) Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream, oh how I love thee!

9) Brand-new copy of My Phoenix Pregnancy (from the midwife). Hopefully to contain a Golden Ticket, or at least a substantial coupon for something(s) I almost certainly don't need anyway, but baby-related and thus utterly irresistable.

10) Keys to my car, house, husband's car, mailbox, parent's house, bike lock, gym membership swipey-thing, and cute monkey keychain.

11) 62 cents - hey, that's almost enough for a Taco Bell run!

12) Children's museum membership swipey-things.

13) Cell phone. Charged and everything!

14) Necklace that broke probably at least 2 weeks ago. I'm sure it will be in there for a long while yet before I get motivated to do something with it.

15) Piggy hairbrush, for unruly pigtails.

16) Random paper clip of unknown purpose or origin.

That's not so bad! No soggy diapers, crusty binkies, smarties wrappers, or petrified apple peels. What's in your purse? Consider yourselves tagged. :)

Not that I'm telling you to shop there, but...

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since I know ya'll do anyway ;) you might as well take advantage of this. Not for all the tea in China would I personally set foot in a WalMart at 8 am, and I imagine a million bags will be gone in about 15 seconds with the amount of shoppers they claim, but I love my reusable bags and I want my friends and family to get in on a little piece of the goodness!

Tell 'em Rachel sent ya.

*chirp, chirp*

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That's the sound of crickets in the cold, empty night, which is all that's been happening on my blog lately. Perhaps you've noticed. I just haven't felt like blogging, so, well, I haven't! But now I'm back with lots of cute pictures to make up for it, I hope.

We've been to Utah and back last week, and I'm calling it an unmitigated success. We drove to Provo Saturday and stayed with my sister and her husband for 5 days. There was a great deal of playing at the park:

And especially flying Uncle Jake's remote control plane (literally, if we had done nothing else Devlin would have been totally content - luckily for his selfish mother it only has 10 minutes of battery life at a time):

And this little joint in Orem filled the gaping hole in my diet where donuts used to live (no point eating them if they aren't the real thing - I want my Krispy Kreme back, do you hear?)

ZOMG, we got one of us all together!

My little boy, and my big boy who still thinks this is the coolest airplane evah:

Of course, let's be realistic here - there was lots of this:

And plenty of this to go around as well:

But mostly it was amazing. We also stayed with David's grandparents in Salt Lake for 3 days and like an idiot, I did not get any pictures with them! I just realized that and I could kick myself. Guess we'll just have to go back! Miss Eve made quite an impression on Great Granny, I think.

Do stop by again, I promise not to keep you waiting so long for the next installment. Good night!