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That's the sound of crickets in the cold, empty night, which is all that's been happening on my blog lately. Perhaps you've noticed. I just haven't felt like blogging, so, well, I haven't! But now I'm back with lots of cute pictures to make up for it, I hope.

We've been to Utah and back last week, and I'm calling it an unmitigated success. We drove to Provo Saturday and stayed with my sister and her husband for 5 days. There was a great deal of playing at the park:

And especially flying Uncle Jake's remote control plane (literally, if we had done nothing else Devlin would have been totally content - luckily for his selfish mother it only has 10 minutes of battery life at a time):

And this little joint in Orem filled the gaping hole in my diet where donuts used to live (no point eating them if they aren't the real thing - I want my Krispy Kreme back, do you hear?)

ZOMG, we got one of us all together!

My little boy, and my big boy who still thinks this is the coolest airplane evah:

Of course, let's be realistic here - there was lots of this:

And plenty of this to go around as well:

But mostly it was amazing. We also stayed with David's grandparents in Salt Lake for 3 days and like an idiot, I did not get any pictures with them! I just realized that and I could kick myself. Guess we'll just have to go back! Miss Eve made quite an impression on Great Granny, I think.

Do stop by again, I promise not to keep you waiting so long for the next installment. Good night!

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We are glad you are back!

cute pics!

Hey! You were up in salt lake? You should have let me know silly1


Great pics!

Okay, I admit it....I've been stocking your blog for new updates. Yay, so glad to see something new from you. I enjoyed reading your new post and seeing your new pics. Looks like you guys really enjoyed your trip to Salt Lake!!

Thanks for the photos. Glad you had a wonderful time!

Fun pictures. I know Jake and Em were more than excited to have you guys up her to visit. They just love your kids! But who wouldn't? They are so cute.

Oh those beautiful children! EVERYTHING they do is so adorable to me. You make such a beautiful family, those children make you and Dave even more beautiful. I wish I could find another adjective. We love you and can't wait to see you again soon! Love you!

You are a fantastic photographer! The family shot is great, and I have to be honest, I love the pouting pics too :) *gee- never seen THAT before ;)