Twenty Year Tag

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20 years ago I was

1. 7 years old
2. Living in Mesa, AZ
3. The only girl playing soccer at recess at Franklin Elementary School (goalie)
4. Reading The Babysitters' Club, Little Women, The Count of Monte Cristo, and anything else I could get my hands on
5. In the unfortunate habit of braiding my hair wet, then rolling up the tiny braids into pink foam curlers and sleeping on it for a giant cloud of crimpy orange fluff the next day. I may have also had a daily uniform of leggings, oversized neon shirts, and white velcro hi-tops, but I can neither confirm nor deny this information.
6. Extremely competitive as always, crying over every solo not gotten and every spelling bee lost by one word

10 years ago I was

1. 17 years old
2. Living in Mesa, AZ
3. Dating my now-husband as a junior and senior in high school
4. Writing angsty poetry, listening to a lot of Tori Amos (hey, I still do that!), wearing black velvet and fishnets
5. Sister Sarah Brown in the illustrious Mesa High production of Guys and Dolls
6. Insanely jealous of Heidi getting married - even my idealistic, high romanticized brain knew 17 was too young but that didn't stop me from wishin' and hopin'

5 years ago I was

1. 22 years old
2. Living in Mesa, AZ (noticing a pattern here?)
3. Working as a dental hygiene assistant in North Scottsdale and cursing my wretched commute
4. Sweating through the summer, shockingly close to 200 pounds and weeks away from my due date with my first baby, a little boy to be named Jack :)
5. Living in my little house that had 2 rooms completely empty because we just didn't need the space yet! HA!
6. Missing my music - not participating in any choir or performing group

3 years ago I was

1. 24 years old
2. Living in Mesa, AZ
3. The lucky mother of the least-terrible 2-year-old ever to walk the earth
4. Just barely pregnant with what I just *knew* was a little girl
5. Still trying to find my groove as a stay-at-home mom
6. Thrilled to be a "founding member" of Schola Cantorum, with Eve as our mascot since she came to all the rehearsals the first year

So far this year I have

1. Found myself strangely looking forward to both my husband's 10-year high school reunion and turning 30 not so far off in the distance
2. Turned over a new leaf and started regularly exercising for the first time since I was en pointe 5 times a week
3. Managed to find myself pregnant yet again (hey, another pattern)
4. Found peace with my little house and learned to enjoy the challenge of fitting my family of almost-five into it happily
5. Loved having my mom back, active and healthy
6. Learned (and continue to learn!) how to parent both a sweet gentle boy AND a firecracker girly girl

Yesterday I

1. Took the kids to church ALONE and lived to tell about it
2. Attended 3 hours of said church and managed not to hear a single complete thought due to a series of potty misadventures and temper tantrums
3. Got a solo bike ride, although a very short one due to the tragic fact that it is 5 million degrees in the shade here
4. Went visiting teaching
5. Got the twisted idea that if I can manage to break a pipe somewhere and flood my downstairs (like happened to my visiting teachee) then I too can have all my carpet replaced for free! This has possibilities.
6. Had a delightful dinner as always at Granny and Grampa's house

Today I

1. Successfully mediated the "what should we have for breakfast" argument (waffles with boysenberry syrup won by a nose)
2. Reduced my daughter to tears because I did allow her to pick her nose in the privacy of the bathroom, but stopped short of letting her eat it
3. Successfully mediated the "what should our one show be today" argument. It was Eve's turn to pick, but Devlin likes to try to manipulate the outcome. The winner was Sesame Street All-Star Alphabet, in case anyone wants to know (or comiserate)
4. Had the awesome surprise of hearing my husband's very noisy car pull up in our driveway just 30 minutes after he left for work. The AC was broken at his building, so he gets to work from home - it's our little desert rat version of a snow day!
5. As a result of #4, now have fun plans to go to the gym and hopefully out to Indian food for lunch with David and the kids instead going to the gym alone and dining (yet again) on PB&J.
6. At 9 am, not only know what we're eating for dinner tonight, but have all the ingredients and have the chicken thawing. Yes, this is unusual.

Tomorrow I

1. will take the kids to swimming lessons
2. will relish not having to make dinner due to my exceptional foresight in making something today with yummy leftovers
3. will NOT blog, because dang if this entry isn't taking long enough to last me the whole week
4. odds are, will do at least one load of laundry
5. will continue fruitlessly obssessing over my current Honda Odyssey/Mazda5 dilemma for our next family car
6. will clean all my bathrooms - challenge to self

In the next year I

1. will see what adding a third child into our family dynamic does for my sanity
2. will get the wood floors I've always dreamed of? Maybe?
3. will perform with my newly-not-associated-with-MCC choir
4. would like to go to both Utah and Colorado
5. will get to wear regular clothes again! Hooray!
6. Will have long, beautiful hair instead of this scraggly growing-out mess I currently am sporting

I tag my sister Emily and my husband David (and anyone who wants to do this, consider yourself tagged! I love reading these). This is fun but it takes forever, so fair warning!

Hey, I dig Belle

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You Are Belle!

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Intelligent and kind. Your beauty goes much further than your apperance. Also, you make judgements of people based on their personality and not their looks. Attaining all the knowledge that you can is one of your major goals in life, but you are also a person who can make things happen.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Coppertone Babies

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Just think, we still have (at least) 2 more weeks of swimming lessons to go! I have some nice tan lines too, but I'll spare you.

Uncle Eric

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Uncle Eric made good on a promise yesterday and came over after dinner to help the kids make cookies. Angie and "Whoa-ey" (that's what Eve calls her) made an appearance too. So much fun!

Devlin supervised (what else?) and we busted out every last cookie cutter we had so we could spell his name:

Eve pretended not to:

But she really had a great time - mostly making "hand" cookies and enumerating (again and again and again) what cookies belonged to her and what cookies belonged to Chloe. "Mine" is always paramount in a 2-year-old's universe.

Chloe helped too (right, Angie? We're calling it helping, right?) and enjoyed playing with all the toys my kids don't even notice anymore. Sigh. Other people's stuff is always so much cooler than your own.

Thanks for a great time, Uncle Eric! Just think - we only did HALF the dough yesterday, so I hope you've got another free night in a few weeks...

Meet the Piglet

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I have the sweetest, most charming, loveliest little girl living in my house right now. I'm not sure you've met her.

Name's Eve.

She hasn't always been the easiest child to get along with, but since she's started talking she has turned into an absolute delight (well, most of the time. She is two, ya know). Eve likes:

- eating, especially peaches
- taking care of her three "beebees", including (but not limited to) rocking and singing them to "aweep", making sure they are supplied with binkys, and wearing them in her pouch as previously documented
- "wack wacks" (that would be "ducks")
- watching TV with her Daddy of a Saturday morning
- I Spy books
- "bike wide!" (but only if she doesn't have to share the trailer with her brother)
- getting dressed. These photos were taken yesterday, but this is a daily event (sometimes several times a day). Unbidden, she will disappear upstairs in her pajamas and emerge a few minutes later wearing "Melmo" undies, shorts/pants, a spectacularly clashing top or dress, polka dotted socks, and usually either Elmo slippers or lime green Crocs (neither of which she could apparently find yesterday morning). I am thrilled with her capability and motivation - however, I think I need to start clothespinning her outfits together (and hiding her socks for the summer).

We have done our share of headbutting, and I don't doubt there is plenty yet to come, but for now we are getting along very well, my Piggy and I. I wanted to document the absolutely fantastic person that she is right now, if only so I can read this entry in a couple of weeks (or months, or years) and be hopeful for the future. One thing is for sure - I don't see this particular "middle child" getting lost in the shuffle.

I love you, Evie!

Isn't this some kind of official milestone?

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Eve's first French braid - it looked pretty good, but unfortunately she is still 2 years old, and Sacrament Meeting is still an hour long and boring as all get out.

I don't know what was harder - braiding it, or photographing it.

I better get practicing, because eventually I'm going to have two small hairy females in the house, and Sunday Mornings are going to be awfully hectic if I don't get a little faster at this whole "hairdo" thing!

The best I could do

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Devlin started swimming lessons this week, and he absolutely loves them. He's learning to float, blow bubbles, and try to coordinate his long skinny limbs into some kind of drowning-prevention synchronicity. I took this photo the first day of class (when I didn't have Eve with me!) and it's not much but it's the best I could do. He wasn't into smiling that day, just grimacing cryptically and squinting. Anyway, may I present Devlin Thomas, swimmer-without-floaties!

If you guys are really, really persuasive, I will attempt to get photos this week of me in my not one, but TWO fabulously chic and expensive maternity swimsuits. Oh, and Eve.

I think most of you are the praying type

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So if you have a second tonight, would you mind throwing one up for me and my extra 30 pounds of baby (and who knows what else)?

Devlin's been in swim lessons all week, and today I signed him up for a whole bunch more because he's having a great time and it gives us something to do every day. I also signed Eve up for "mommy and me" classes at the same time, which means I will be...

...yes. In the water. In a swimsuit. I just don't see any way around it, and believe me - I've looked. I have done some preliminary internet browsing tonight, with one eye closed, and tomorrow I will be hitting the shops, looking for a sweet little number that magically makes my arms thinner, boobs (much) smaller, thighs smooth and youthful, and I guess as long as we're fantasizing I'd like it to poof me up a 100 mpg minivan and a couple of extra bedrooms.

I'll, uh, let you know how it goes.