I think most of you are the praying type

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 7:16 PM


So if you have a second tonight, would you mind throwing one up for me and my extra 30 pounds of baby (and who knows what else)?

Devlin's been in swim lessons all week, and today I signed him up for a whole bunch more because he's having a great time and it gives us something to do every day. I also signed Eve up for "mommy and me" classes at the same time, which means I will be...

...yes. In the water. In a swimsuit. I just don't see any way around it, and believe me - I've looked. I have done some preliminary internet browsing tonight, with one eye closed, and tomorrow I will be hitting the shops, looking for a sweet little number that magically makes my arms thinner, boobs (much) smaller, thighs smooth and youthful, and I guess as long as we're fantasizing I'd like it to poof me up a 100 mpg minivan and a couple of extra bedrooms.

I'll, uh, let you know how it goes.

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Find one of those numbers for me, too, will you? Sans the extra bedrooms.

Well, I actually did find a few pretty decent specimens, and I bought myself 2 because I just couldn't decide! I figure we're going to be at the pool every single day, I might as well not be embarrassed to go...

I don't think they'll fit you though, unless of course you're going for the preggo look!

So when are you posting pics Rach? *wink*

I was pregnant with Tai when Jadyn was in swim lessons, and it was so hot I was ready to jump in with the mommy and me's with or without a baby on hand. You'll be able to stay cool and play with Eve, double bonus!