Isn't this some kind of official milestone?

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 12:39 PM


Eve's first French braid - it looked pretty good, but unfortunately she is still 2 years old, and Sacrament Meeting is still an hour long and boring as all get out.

I don't know what was harder - braiding it, or photographing it.

I better get practicing, because eventually I'm going to have two small hairy females in the house, and Sunday Mornings are going to be awfully hectic if I don't get a little faster at this whole "hairdo" thing!

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Love Eve's braids!!! Look how long her hair is getting!! PRETTY!!!

Girl we miss you! I've tried emailing you but I don't know if it is going to bulk/spam or what.
We are here now in case you didn't have the link.

Lori & Emily

Cute! I hope she appreciates someday how hard you had to fight her to keep her looking cute! :) Of course, she's always cute no matter what! And yes, let's see these fabulous maternity suits! I'd like to see another picture of you! Congrats to Devlin--what a brave boy!

Nice job on the braids Rachel. You are way ahead of me. I'm just now getting pig tails down. lol:-) Eve is a cutie!!!

It looks so cute! I don't even know HOW to french braid so I'm in trouble! Hey do you have a name picked out yet?

Briann - her first name is Iris, but we don't have a middle name yet. Iris was my idea for the first name, and I told David if we got to use it that he could pick whatever he wanted for the middle! Ack! Hard for me to relinquish control. :) My guess would be that he will pick something slightly before or slightly after she's born...I don't think he sees the big rush!

That is correct, I don't see the big rush. And yes, I'm holding you to our arrangement. Love you, honey. :)

I never said anything different! I have not tried to back out of it, not even one tiny bit. You lay off!

And I know there's no "rush", I'd just kind of like to know, that's all. I don't think I've been bugging you unnecessarily - lots of other people are curious too, so I'm not crazy.

I am SO glad we have finally decided on a name! But who knows it might change when she is actually here :)

I know what you mean! Shaun actually picked the 1st name ( i wanted Ashlynn Grace) and I really like Mae as a middle name but he doesn't like it, MEN!!! I really like Iris by the way, so cute!

That is so flipping cute, I need to go to a seminar on french braiding cause I don't know how to do it at all! It is always crooked and poofy, perhaps I should practice more.