Meet the Piglet

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 1:17 PM


I have the sweetest, most charming, loveliest little girl living in my house right now. I'm not sure you've met her.

Name's Eve.

She hasn't always been the easiest child to get along with, but since she's started talking she has turned into an absolute delight (well, most of the time. She is two, ya know). Eve likes:

- eating, especially peaches
- taking care of her three "beebees", including (but not limited to) rocking and singing them to "aweep", making sure they are supplied with binkys, and wearing them in her pouch as previously documented
- "wack wacks" (that would be "ducks")
- watching TV with her Daddy of a Saturday morning
- I Spy books
- "bike wide!" (but only if she doesn't have to share the trailer with her brother)
- getting dressed. These photos were taken yesterday, but this is a daily event (sometimes several times a day). Unbidden, she will disappear upstairs in her pajamas and emerge a few minutes later wearing "Melmo" undies, shorts/pants, a spectacularly clashing top or dress, polka dotted socks, and usually either Elmo slippers or lime green Crocs (neither of which she could apparently find yesterday morning). I am thrilled with her capability and motivation - however, I think I need to start clothespinning her outfits together (and hiding her socks for the summer).

We have done our share of headbutting, and I don't doubt there is plenty yet to come, but for now we are getting along very well, my Piggy and I. I wanted to document the absolutely fantastic person that she is right now, if only so I can read this entry in a couple of weeks (or months, or years) and be hopeful for the future. One thing is for sure - I don't see this particular "middle child" getting lost in the shuffle.

I love you, Evie!

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Aww our little Eve is growing up!! :) No, she won't be the typical middle child, will she? :)

What a little sweetheart! and her outfit is "original" MOM! Lol! Love the socks with her mismatch!

Yea for the middle child! She is so darling. I can't believe how fast they change. She is such a doll. You know if she's fussing beyond your ability to bear, you can always send her my way. In fact, I'm sure if she's ever giving you a hard time, it's just because she misses her Auntie Em. I mean, who could blame her? :) She is so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving mommy and daddy. We love our Miss Evie. Happy father's day!

Hey, email me at with the name you used to register. I'll try to get Leslie to help you. :)


Actually, Em, this morning for Father's Day Devlin drew a time machine with him and his dad riding in it (of course). I asked him where they were going in their time machine, and he said "Auntie Em and Uncle Jake's house!"

Thanks for doing this Rachel.

the piglet is adorable. espesch when she was all elmo-ed out today. so cute, i could die.