Uncle Eric

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 8:18 AM


Uncle Eric made good on a promise yesterday and came over after dinner to help the kids make cookies. Angie and "Whoa-ey" (that's what Eve calls her) made an appearance too. So much fun!

Devlin supervised (what else?) and we busted out every last cookie cutter we had so we could spell his name:

Eve pretended not to:

But she really had a great time - mostly making "hand" cookies and enumerating (again and again and again) what cookies belonged to her and what cookies belonged to Chloe. "Mine" is always paramount in a 2-year-old's universe.

Chloe helped too (right, Angie? We're calling it helping, right?) and enjoyed playing with all the toys my kids don't even notice anymore. Sigh. Other people's stuff is always so much cooler than your own.

Thanks for a great time, Uncle Eric! Just think - we only did HALF the dough yesterday, so I hope you've got another free night in a few weeks...

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Aw, I miss those kids! Can we recreate the cookie experience when we come visit in July?

Yeah, we will totally save the other box for you guys. It should take us about until July to eat all the cookies we made yesterday, anyway!

How fun! Your kids are so cute!

OH! What fun! This sounds like such a great time! What a sweet aunt, uncle, and cousin to come over and party. Those girls are SOOOO darling! Can they get any cuter?! Oh my goodness! I can't get over it. Those adorable kids look tastier than the cookies!! xoxo

They are definitely tastier - the cookies are kind of gross, actually (but the kids love them!)

Those cookies are sincerely perfect looking! I give them a ten out of ten, for color and form!