By the seat of our collective pants

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 at 1:10 PM


Well, for once, my husband was the one with the Crazy Plan this weekend! Usually I'm the one hatching wild ideas to take off at a moment's notice and visit This Place or That Place, but Saturday morning he just woke up and decided he'd had enough of the heat and we were going to Prescott.

So we went.

When we got there it was raining cats and dogs so we ducked into the world-famous Prescott Gateway Mall. Their playground, though humble, got the Eve and Devlin Dixon stamp of approval.

Gotta get that girl some bloomers or something.

We ate at the Taj Mahal, which came in a close second in our very scientific Arizona Indian Dining Rankings. Devlin was admiring the beautiful scenery while driving around town and was very insistent that he wanted to go "play on the mountains" before bedtime. We got lucky and found a little corner of forest that wasn't too muddy.

The kids built a "fire pit" aka "big pile of sticks".

As it happens, Eve had been avoiding doing her potty business all day long, and the moment arrived when she just could not wait any more. Of course, we were in the forest at that moment, far away from all modern potty facilities. After at least 5 aborted attempts, she was able to cast aside her ladylike sensibilities and poop on the ground. David, being the Seasoned Outdoorsman that he is, buried the evidence with a pointy stick, but Eve was either utterly elated with or completely traumatized by her accomplishment and could talk about nothing else the rest of the day. This is the place:

Sunday morning, the rain had abated and we seized our chance to take the kids on their first boat ride, on Lynx Lake. It was gorgeous, perfect weather and there were even some friendly "wack wacks" on the lake.

Thanks for the family adventure, guys! Looking forward to so many more.

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Ah, and a good time seems to have been had by all. Love those spontaneous adventures!

Sounds like so much fun! And Dave, you're looking awfully slender!

Spontaneity. A page from my play book. Gotta love it. Cute pics!

dave looks so awesome, i'm inspired again, -jacob

I think I've been pretty cordial and patient the last 4+ years, but seriously. I WANT YOUR KIDS! I can't believe how stinking cute they are. I just can't decide if I want to steal them and keep them or eat them. Those juicy Evie thighs are begging for a chomp, don't you think? I just love every thing about them. Could not be more adorable. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic time! I love your stories. And Dave you are looking AMAZING! Can we have an exclusive post of Dave showing off his hot new self?!

Oh, I'd send them to you to eat but I don't think there's anything left! We snack on them on a regular basis. Devlin isn't so juicy anymore, but he's nice and toasty brown and he's very wiggly which makes the hunt more thrilling.

Eve's thighs are a rare delicacy. Her neck is really good too.

I'll do a blog post of my own in a couple weeks when I hit my 55-pound weight loss goal. :)

Sounds good, Dave! We'll look forward to it. You're too cute Rachel!

Well fun!!!!!!

you guys are always doing something cool!!! Always enjoy your pictures!

Rad. And the tree picture is one of the coolest I've seen - sweet. Hey, by the way, Rachel, you really can make some cookies - they were delicious!