A comedy of errors

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 7:14 PM


Let's face it, that's mostly what Sundays are like around here. Sometimes it's zany and exciting - a thrill a minute!

Sometimes it's so scary we can hardly stand to look, so we just close our eyes and jump:

And once in a while, we at least *look* like we have it all together. We never really do, but we kinda look like we do. And that's good enough, I reckon.

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Ah! What ADORABLE children you have, my dear! Even if Sundays are awful, at least the kids look precious. A suit for a four-year-old...totally TDF. And frilly dresses and shoes pretty much make me drool on the spot.

BTW...you need to save this one in the "2009 Family Photo Calendar" folder. And also some of the cookie pictures from a few posts ago. I'll have some more suggestions, too.... :)

Evie looks darling in your dress, Rachel. Deja vu all over again. Devy's suit looks just like one your brother wore. Do you remember?
Thanks for sharing. Very, very cute.

Those pictures are so cute! The top two look like they should be on those greeting cards at target with the old pictures on them. Too funny!

They look so perfect! My kids look so scruffy at church, and basically everywhere.

Yeah, I was gonna ask if that was your dress. She does look strikingly like her mother. They are so darling. You should hear me, I laugh and awwww every time I see a picture of them. I love those kiddies.

what a cute picture! Devlin is such a man.

Oh, man, those are cute! And clever commentary :) Love it!