Eve dresses herself

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 9:15 AM


She did really well today, actually! The hat's a little quirky, but overall I don't think I could have done better myself.

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She looks like a little home-slice! Super cute. I like the hat.

So, so cute. Give her a granny hug!
Good job, Eve!

I love my gangsta pig.

I know, she does kind of look like she leapt out of the background of a J. Lo video today, doesn't she? I swear I had no hand in her outfit whatsoever. I just helped her get her shirt on the right way - those crisscross straps always trip her up.

Very, very cute.

omg...you are so cute evie. you look like you're ready to show off your mad hip-hop skillz on SYTYCD!!

look how cute eve is!! her outfit makes me happy!

What a peach!

I can't even get Jax to stop screaming when his arms are stuck in his shirt and look at Evie! LOL!

Okay, I don't know what's cuter. The outfit, or the poses!

What a doll!

I read your J.Lo comment. I was gonna say Missy Elliot. I like the speaker in the background. She has spunk coming out her ears.

Great job Evie!! You look cute and funky. The hat is the perfect accent!!

What a big girl!!! WTG!!!

That is so cute! She is getting to be so big! I am glad I found your blog - very fun! That hat is hilarious!