The first 5 days

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 8:36 AM


Wow, it's been a busy week! We've just been trying to figure out which way is up around here, and I think we're finally starting to get in a little groove. Maybe.

Here's a few little moments from our first week with baby Iris in the house:

Learning to suck for one's food - as opposed to chomping down with all one's might - was a significant step this week. Them some powerful jaws! We're still working on nursing but we've made a LOT of progress.

Iris had a very fussy early morning one day this week, and Dad had calming-down duty. Eventually, he settled upon this method (the wrap is way too short for him, which is why it looks a little precarious, although it's perfectly safe). Worked like a charm! Don't everyone be jealous of my fabulous husband, now.

And right this moment, the little fuzzball is having her very first encounter with her crib! She's bunking with me and David until it gets to the point where I get more sleep with her in the other room (it's all about me, really), but this morning she conked out right as we were heading down to eat breaskfast. I figured she'd get more sleep if she weren't being stroked/smothered/prodded/jostled/generally loved on by her two adoring siblings, so into the crib she went! She doesn't seem to hold it against me, although it feels weird to have her so far away. We've spent a lot of time together the last few days.

It's nice.

Couple of photos

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Hopefully we'll get some better ones today - she was born at dusk in a dim room, and she likes to eat her hands so not that many of the photos from yesterday are "keepers". But here's a little something to get you started.

She's here!

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More details tomorrow when I'm not so frogging tired. :)

Iris Olivia Dixon
Born at home on 9/23/08
6:03 pm
7 pounds, 15 ounces
21 inches long

I know I've said this before

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but I really think this is it. I think we are having a baby, folks! I just got back from the acupuncturist and David is on the way home from work. Things are a-happenin', so watch this blog for news because you know I'll post it here first. :)

Move along, nothing to see here

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I've got an appointment to have acupuncture done tomorrow! That will be something new for me. Supposedly the practitioner has a pretty good track record getting babies on their way. Just trying to schedule things so I can cancel them. :)

Had you all fooled

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Ha, I bet you saw no post yet today and figured I was busy! Well, I have been very busy but no baby to show for it. Don't be surprised if her birth announcement is something to the effect of "woops, I had my baby alone in the bathtub" because I am not going to believe she's really coming until...well, until she's here. She's a tricky one already, this little Iris baby.

Happy Due Date to Me!

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Still here, still huge! :) I've got big plans to paint the kids' bathroom today, so I'll let you know how that goes. I'm trying to decide whether I can face all the "you're STILL here?" comments at church tomorrow...

Yes, we have no babies today

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Because some of you only have access to me via this fine publication, I'll do an update every day so you don't go nuts waiting. Not that I would know anything about going nuts waiting.

No baby yet. I think I need a pedicure.

Well, according to Devlin today is the day

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He's been telling everyone who asks that he's getting a baby for his birthday. That would be today. I'm not feeling super optimistic at this point, but we've got 18 hours left to go or something, and I'm headed out to dinner with some of my friends tonight for a spicy Mexican meal that is "guaranteed" to induce labor. I'm not sure what to think of that, exactly. Sounds like David would like it, though!

Since today is Devlin's "actual" birthday, David woke him up at 6 am and whisked him off to Krispy Kreme for a little sugary birthday goodness. They brought home an extra sprinkle donut for Eve:

and because it was Dev's special day...

...they also came home with a free BOX of hot glazed donuts. Free. Hot. Glazed. (A box is a dozen, for those of you not an intimately acquainted with KK as I am.) Krispy Kreme doesn't mess around with birthdays, apparently! Unfortunately for me, I have to go see the midwives in 5 hours and they do own a scale. Maybe I'll just "forget" to step on it today!

I hate to bump Dev from top billing

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 6:29 PM


...but I'm getting some comments and I thought I'd address them here so everyone can see them. I'm probably going to regret making a prediction, but I put money on little Miss Iris making her appearance here in the next couple of days.

There, I said it. We shall see, we shall see...

You say it's your birthday?

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I know, I'm sure there's a more inventive title somewhere out there. Not to belabor the point, but I am technically "due" to have this baby in 4 days so let's just pretend I'm running on all cylinders, shall we? Kthx.

Since this baby has the impeccable timing to be arriving most likely the same week - if not the same day - as her brother did 5 years ago, we found ourselves in a bit of a birthday quandary this year. I opted for the "age-appropriate minimum" approach, which meant co-opting our usual Dixon Sunday Dinner time for Devlin's family-only celebration. I also allowed my parents to graciously host:

everyone else but me to prepare the food and clean up:

and the Master Artisan Bakers at Safeway to make the cake a reality. Because Devlin would want to make absolutely certain that you all know, that is Wall-E on the cake, along with his friend Robot Eve, and Outer Space. It says "Happy Birthday Devlin". I can make no assurances about your safety if you mess with his cake. Eve definitely got the Stink Eye on more than one occasion for venturing too close.

Who, me??

You think she's cute? Totally sweet and innocent? Wouldn't hurt a fly? Great, then her little voodoo trick worked on you as it has worked on countless others before you. It's a finely, finely honed act. But I digress.

Devlin was the recipient of typically overflowing generosity on the part of his many doting relatives, far-flung and local. He received books (which have been bumped immediately to the head of the Bedtime Story lineup), crayons (which have already been extensively employed in a meticulously executed homework coloring assignment), a build-your-own-airplane kit (which has already been enjoyed so ferociously that most of it no longer exists), a globe ("Ball!" Eve insists, now in a place of honor in their bedroom), and a veritable truckload of Legos.

I have it on good authority that David was a Lego fan of the first order as a little boy. Devlin has shown an increasing interest lately, and I have been assisting the best I can in spite of a serious apparent genetic abnormality that causes extreme ineptitude and general stupor of thought in all things Lego-related. Luckily, David stayed up late after the birthday party and helped Dev build the first of many creations sure to be forthcoming in the next week or so. It took them an hour, and consists of a police paddywagon (not sure what the PC term is at this point but I'm relatively certain that isn't it) complete with light, siren, megaphone, driver, and prisoner with mustache, gold tooth, and sinister raised eyebrow.

This picture? This is what life is made of. Happy birthday little monkey!

Lady Postalot

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So, um, I'm either really motivated or just really bored, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to notify all my avid readers of the new little banner to the right there. -----------------------------------> Take a minute and enter your guesses about when Iris will arrive and how big she's gonna be!

As requested

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All right, all right. My adoring fans will not be put off any longer, it seems, so here's few photos of me being seriously Great with Child. I haven't quite caught up with my husband, weight-wise, but if I told you how close it really was...

Well, I wouldn't want to be responsible for the consequences. Let's just say maybe I'm not being quite as supportive of his weight-loss efforts for the next couple of weeks!

Nothing hides a belly like a long sling tail and a big 2-year-old, apparently! And this is what my hair looks like now, for anyone who has been following the growing-out-process. It's been 10 months since I cut it and I think I'm through the worst of it.

And one last shot - a little something I got special for the baby. Yes, that's an Iris applique. Yes, I am a nerd, and there's so much more where this came from, trust me!

Sweet Relief

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By which I mean that the high for today was "only" about 95, and the intermittent cloud cover that lingered most of the afternoon allowed my kids and I some rare, coveted time outdoors. We walked to the neighborhood playground this morning and the little monsters collected pine cones for me (no, I didn't ask them to!) while I read a book in relative silence for an entire hour. Bliss!

I was also able to turn them loose outside for a good chunk of the afternoon so they could play in the sandbox/race down the driveway/run around screaming - basically do all the things kids need to do so their dear little heads don't explode from pent up kinetic energy. Of course the sun popped out just at the same time my camera did and trashed my lighting, Eve was Not a Happy Camper and refused to have her picture taken, and I think my dishwasher has finally given up the ghost...

but all things considered, I think it was a pretty nice day. Please, I am so ready for fall!

Things that make me happy

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Yeah, for each one of these "things that make me happy" I could definitely do a corresponding "thing that drives me out of my ever-lovin' mind", but that kind of defeats the whole purpose, now, doesn't it? So I give you herewith my September list of Things that Make me Unreasonably Delighted to be Alive:

1. Friends who live in gorgeous cool climes and have children the same age as mine, the better to play Intrepid Autumnal Explorers with:

2. This face:

3. Luscious new minivans and knowing all my carseats are installed properly - 2 weeks ahead of time!

4. Children who play together without expensive toys - or any toys at all:

5. Ideas for Halloween costumes that can be cheaply and easily made out of boxes (robots! Brilliant! Thanks, kids).

6. That those same children don't seem to hold it against me when I can't seem to muster the motivation not only to cut their hair, but indeed apparently even style or comb it, for the love of Pete.

7. Late-night snacks. Take your pick, I've had them all recently.

8. 2.5 more weeks to go, give or take. I'm ready when you are, baby!