You say it's your birthday?

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 3:26 PM


I know, I'm sure there's a more inventive title somewhere out there. Not to belabor the point, but I am technically "due" to have this baby in 4 days so let's just pretend I'm running on all cylinders, shall we? Kthx.

Since this baby has the impeccable timing to be arriving most likely the same week - if not the same day - as her brother did 5 years ago, we found ourselves in a bit of a birthday quandary this year. I opted for the "age-appropriate minimum" approach, which meant co-opting our usual Dixon Sunday Dinner time for Devlin's family-only celebration. I also allowed my parents to graciously host:

everyone else but me to prepare the food and clean up:

and the Master Artisan Bakers at Safeway to make the cake a reality. Because Devlin would want to make absolutely certain that you all know, that is Wall-E on the cake, along with his friend Robot Eve, and Outer Space. It says "Happy Birthday Devlin". I can make no assurances about your safety if you mess with his cake. Eve definitely got the Stink Eye on more than one occasion for venturing too close.

Who, me??

You think she's cute? Totally sweet and innocent? Wouldn't hurt a fly? Great, then her little voodoo trick worked on you as it has worked on countless others before you. It's a finely, finely honed act. But I digress.

Devlin was the recipient of typically overflowing generosity on the part of his many doting relatives, far-flung and local. He received books (which have been bumped immediately to the head of the Bedtime Story lineup), crayons (which have already been extensively employed in a meticulously executed homework coloring assignment), a build-your-own-airplane kit (which has already been enjoyed so ferociously that most of it no longer exists), a globe ("Ball!" Eve insists, now in a place of honor in their bedroom), and a veritable truckload of Legos.

I have it on good authority that David was a Lego fan of the first order as a little boy. Devlin has shown an increasing interest lately, and I have been assisting the best I can in spite of a serious apparent genetic abnormality that causes extreme ineptitude and general stupor of thought in all things Lego-related. Luckily, David stayed up late after the birthday party and helped Dev build the first of many creations sure to be forthcoming in the next week or so. It took them an hour, and consists of a police paddywagon (not sure what the PC term is at this point but I'm relatively certain that isn't it) complete with light, siren, megaphone, driver, and prisoner with mustache, gold tooth, and sinister raised eyebrow.

This picture? This is what life is made of. Happy birthday little monkey!

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I have to say, it has been really fun to read your blog and laugh at your witticisms, as well as get to know you a wee bit better given the long travelling distance involved in actually seeing the portion of my awesome family to which you belong. Happy birthday to Devlin, and little Iris too?

What a boy!

Happy Birthday Dev! Ok i'm calling it. Iris is coming tomorrow. maybe. just a guess :)

Sorry I missed the par-tay!

Happy b-day Devy!


The Colorado Cousins

Way to go! Happy birthday to Devlin! Good luck to Mama! (and I'm lovin' the hair! Growing-out phases are always frustrating, but you look GREAT! :P)

He is so handsome! I crack up anytime you mention Eve just looking sweet and innocent. That is sooo Mimi. :D Must be a February baby thing. :)

Fun party! Hope Miss I decides today is the day!

Happy birthday, Devlin! I love that lego picture. Priceless. Hope to read a new baby post soon!

Happy belated b-day Dev!! Looks like you had a great 5th birthday!!