A Day in the Life

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 3:31 PM


Seems like an inordinate amount of my blog titles are shamelessly lifted from Beatles songs. Hmmm. I am not sure what this says about me. I'll come back to it in a few months, when I'm getting more than 2 hours of consecutive sleep.

In any case, it's been a week or so, and I have some rowdy cross-country family members who are banging down my door for new Cute Baby Photos. I aim to please! Here's what I've done today (just a sampling - I left out all the loads of barfed on, poo'd on, and otherwise biohazardous laundry, among other unsavory things):

- gave Devlin a haircut, and very nearly made him late to school in the process. It was a jungle up there! His stitches are still in place but they're healing very nicely.

- (hopefully!) largely completed Dev's Halloween costume. He is going to be Wall-E, and I - Queen of All Things Quaint and Domestic - am making his costume. Making it. He's got a costume themed birthday party on Saturday, so I will begrudgingly have it finished an entire week before Halloween, in an attempt on the standing world record.

- assisted Iris in gaining what appears to be at least three pounds today alone. I don't think I am allowed to specify, but just in case: I would like this 3 pounds to come directly off my jiggly midsection, posthaste. Thank you.

- and, in the interest of full disclosure - lest anyone ascribe to me more parenting skills than I can actually claim - I also put Eve down for a nap, closed her bedroom door (which she is unable to open without assistance), and did not hear her calling me when she woke up. When I did hear her, I opened the door to her sweet little blonde head hung in the corner, shoulders shaking with tears. She needed to go potty, couldn't get out of her room, and her Epically Neglectful Mother did not respond to her cries, so she had pooped in her pants. She was devastated. I was devastated.

But she got over it, as children will do, and her stinky pants will have plenty of company in the laundry room.

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Love the pics and my goodness is Iris growing and changing. She is a doll. I swear there is something about the 3rd...I swear they grow at warp speed:-) I love reading about other Mom's days and I too have multiple biohazardous laundry items in my laundry room too. The commercial where the big ball of laundry is rolling down the street is totally my house!!

Your kids are all too cute! And I LOVE Iris's double chin!
Sorry about the poopy pants...we've had a few of those accidents too. Ick.
Tell Dev he is very handsome :)

OH you poor thing. That is such a sad little story of Eve, possibly sadder for you. You are so sweet, and such a good mom. Give her a kiss for me

My gracious that baby's an oinker! Good thing you sent some pictures or I might not have recognized her! :) She has to stay a newborn at least til I can hold her, she's growing up so fast! I am sad I am missing her. She looks totally different than the previous pictures I've seen: I think the eyes open makes a difference. Thanks for the post and all the pictures! Give your other two a kiss from me too!

I love your writing! Biohazardous laundry - I hear ya! lol.

i love the word posthaste.

also: your babies are beautiful.

I always love a Dixon update!
Your children are just as cute as ever!

The kids are beautiful. I can't believe how fast Iris is growing.

and the Eve story. Poor Evie, poor mommy. We do the best we can. She still loves ya!