Spotlight Hog

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Can I just say one thing really quick?

My inner 10-year-old is only too eager to oblige Eve every night by singing "Part of Your World", aka "The Awiel Song". Eve requires that it be performed exactly as it is on the movie, complete with scoops, giggles, shameless belting, and teenage exuberance dropping from every note. I'm taking it as a daily opportunity to perform before a rapt, very appreciative audience, and it's really really fun.

Go ahead, try it tomorrow, in the shower or something. It's very liberating to be so unabashedly hokey!

Because I don't have access to my photos right now

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I'll steal this nifty little "me poem" thing from my cousin-ish Katie.

I AM ... learning every day.
I WANT…a pint of Fleur de Sel Haagen-Daaz.
I HAVE …a fat juicy baby on my lap.
I KEEP … baking things and forgetting to add the flour. It doesn't work.
I WISH I COULD … sing Great Gig In The Sky on tour with Pink Floyd before they're all dead.
I HATE … having no spending money left.
I FEAR … the astonishingly large pile of dirty dishes currently lurking in my kitchen.
I HEAR … Peter Gabriel.
I SEE ... Avril Lavigne's pink piano (David is channel surfing).
I THINK ... my dang baby should go to sleep already so I can watch our Lost episode from 3 days ago.
I DON’T THINK ….I am young enough to wear pink glittery eyeshadow anymore.
I REGRET … nothing. Whatever it is, it just is.
I LOVE … very deeply.
I AM NOT … apologetic for my "boring" life.
I DANCE … when I hear "Let the Sunshine In".
I SING … pretty much every waking moment.
I NEVER … thought I would be a Dixie Chicks fan.
I RARELY … wear makeup anymore.
I ALWAYS ... stay up later than I should.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … anything worth watching.
I AM NOT ALWAYS … a shining beacon of Zen tranquility.
I HOPE ... that tomorrow is a fun day.
I HATE THAT … I always want things I don't have.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … why I'm still craving a treat when I just ate two pieces of coffee cake.
I NEED … a pedicure.
I SHOULD … do those dishes I mentioned earlier.
I WILL ...sit here on my pink striped rear end and watch telly instead.
I CAN ... do whatever I want, I'm the MOM!

Part the Second, in a compromised mental state

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OK, after 6-ish hours of broken sleep, I'm here to finish my little confessional. Is this wise?

(David didn't wake up Iris, by the way. She woke herself up, presumably with her newfound powers of "mobility". Stinker).

13. I am going to volunteer in Devlin's class today. It's their 100th Day of School celebration, and he's been chattering excitedly about it since about the second day of school. We're going to pick up the trailer from Claudia's this morning, and take a little ride over there - just the two of us. I am really looking forward to this.

14. I think I am very boring. Getting discouraged here. Can't think of anything new and witty to say.

15. I am my own worst critic.

16. I've never read Harry Potter. I've never read Twilight. I've got this thing where I can't jump on a bandwagon after its already in motion. If I had discovered them on my own, before they were popular, then no problem. But now that everyone's talking about them, I just can't do it. Maybe in a couple years after all the Harry Potter movies are out and people have moved on I'll give them a shot!

16. Apparently I am right-brain dominant (14 vs. 8). What are you?

17. I am also an ENFP. What are you?

18. I love quizzes!

19. I am usually reading at least 3 books at any given time. I am currently wading through Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves and The Wal-Mart Effect. I like to do a lot of things at once, so it takes me forever to finish any one thing.

20. I actually get to go somewhere today where a) people will see me, and b) I am not likely to be spit up on, drooled on, or have ketchup flung at me. I better go get dressed!

Twenty (Hopefully New) Things About Me

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I'm stealing this (I think it's called being tagged?) from Heidi's blog. David says I have 5 minutes. 'Twill be a challenge! I'm going to aim for 20 things that I haven't already said on this blog, which is going to be tough seeing as I'm not exactly an enigma wrapped in a mystery. No saucer full of secrets here!

1. I am currently learning a piano transcription of Blackbird so I can perform it for Dejan and his crew when they come to clean my carpets again. Last time they came, they saw all our equipment and they literally *made* me perform a few songs for them. I did New York State of Mind and made one of the guys cry, which was so adorable that I am very much looking forward to repeating the scenario. I don't think carpet cleaners have enough beauty in their lives.

2. I bought a new dishwasher today! This is really, really good news.

3. I love TV shows about serial killers. You name it, I've watched it. Nuclear disasters are also fascinating.

4. My baby rolled over this morning! I heard her wake up on the monitor, and when I went in to get her she was on her back. I sure didn't put her there - she sleeps on her belly and always has. She's not quite 4 months.

5. Wait, these are supposed to be about me.

6. I have a lot of big ideas and not much follow through. Hence, I am publically committing to finish the projects for which I purchased over $100 worth of spectacularly awesome fabric today by Chloe's birthday. (Why Chloe's birthday? Oh, no reason, really. Wouldn't want to give away the surprise!) Anyway, I'll let you know when they're done and if I don't, you all have permission and encouragement to hold my feet to the fire.

7. I hate the pressure of being in charge of meals. Nothing else about managing a household bothers me so enormously. I don't know what my deal is.

8. I love Etsy.

9. I love my kids. In fact, Iris is such an amazingly delightful baby that I am already tempted to have another. Yes, I realize this is a flawed strategy. No, I am not currently planning to act on it. Just in the interest of full disclosure, you know.

10. I really, really enjoy choosing presents for people - birthdays, etc.

11. I love my minivan, and I will defend it to the death against any uppity SUV driver. My car is COOLER than your car. Bring it on!

12. I think my husband just woke up my sleeping baby. Looks like I'm in for another long night.

Yeah...gonna have to finish this tomorrow. What did I tell you about follow through?

Bringin' Frumpy Back

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In my first miserable New Year's resolution failure of the year - today thus far I have not only cultivated neither art nor beauty in my life, but I think somewhere a fashion stylist just lost his fabulous wings.

I dropped off Devlin at school - at 10:40 - wearing faded yoga pants with a hole in the bum, an ill-fitting purple t-shirt, and no shoes. (Sadly, that isn't unusual). The bad part is that he was late enough that I very nearly had to walk him to the front office, sign him in, and personally deliver him to his class. Barefoot.

Gulp. At least I managed to get on a bra at some point during the morning!

Luckily, his teacher's aide took pity on me and let him sneak in after the bell, but I am determined to document the occasion here so I am not doomed to repeat it.

Honestly, you could go ahead and nominate me for What Not To Wear, and by now I'm sure you're thinking I desperately need it, but unless they offer me 5 grand, a nanny, and a housekeeper it's not going to do a bit of good!

Almost-almost Thirty

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Yesterday, my amazing husband took one more step toward...I don't know, I guess "middle-aged" is appropriate. It's a little late to say "adulthood", don't you think?

He says he's felt really old since our third child was born, so age ain't nothin' but a number at this point (and I have to say - I wholeheartedly agree!)

Happy number 28 to the man who makes my world go round.

- he wanted a son so he could wrestle and roughhouse with him, but he has Eve in a half-Nelson on a daily basis too

- he never, ever makes me feel guilty for not having time or energy to make dinner/clean the house/whatever

- he will buy any number of unmentionable items for me, of his own free will and choice, without so much as a smirk or a raised eyebrow

- he takes care of himself

- he takes care of me

- he can put together the breast pump correctly with no supervision whatsoever

- he is a welcome grounding force for a little redheaded mama who gets herself all in a dither more often than entirely necessary

- he has this little wild streak that simply will not be squashed, causing him to love fast cars, loud music, and a good debate

- he channels that wild streak into appropriate outlets for a Responsible Father of Three

- he irons his own darn shirts

- he has more shoes than I do

He's just an all-around great guy, and I have been so blessed and lucky to grow up together with him over the last 11 years.

Here's to the next 28, honey.

Everything I need to know in life I learned from Wall-E

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Or, how Rachel made her New Year's resolutions, in a typically vague and untimely fashion.

1. Cultivate more art and beauty in my life. Wall-E is the last robot on Earth, and he was programmed to take huge piles of trash and compress it into small, manageable bricks. All day long. But the real joy in his lonely life comes from finding treasures amidst the offal - creating a sanctuary of beautiful things that speak to him - and a little Hello, Dolly! for good measure.

Yes, over the last 5 years I have come to better understand, embrace, and truly love the current season of my life, which involves a great deal in the way of laundry, pajamas, and bodily fluids and not so much in the way of elegance, culture, or daily showers. It has been a wonderful journey to learn new priorities and how to find joy and adventure without spending any money, or even leaving my neighborhood.

But this year I want to do more than have a clean house and fed children. I want to create, to learn, to surround myself with more of the things I loved so much before I became "too busy". To wit, I hereby resolve in 2009 to:

- read at least one book a month, the old-fashioned way, with pages and everything

- sing and play the piano more at home

- continue to overcome my ridiculous fear of the sewing machine, and make each of my children something with it for the warmer weather

- either take a course or read a book so I can be smarter than my (very smart) camera

I hope there will be many more ways I can find this year to beautify my home and my life, but that should be a good start at least.

2. Talk less, listen more. Wall-E is a great movie to have your kids watch from the other room, because there is almost no dialogue. It sounds like nothing is happening, but that couldn't be farther form the truth. The silence is so moving.

I'd like to share a story from a book I'm reading to further illustrate this point.

"While Wendy took a nap, nine-year-old Emory decided to surprise her by preparing the lasagne dish they had planned to take to a potluck party that evening.

When Wendy woke up and came into the kitchen to prepare the lasagne, she found Emory, covered with tomato sauce and standing in the middle of a tomato puddle, with tofu and cheese scattered all over the countertop. A baking tray was filled with ingredients that wanted very much to look like lasagne, but looked to her more like mashed potatoes in tomato soup.

Wendy was ready to explode. She didn't have time before the party to clean up the mess and make another lasagne. She took a deep breath and took a moment to be silent. She saw herself yelling and cursing, yanking Emory out of the kitchen, and forbidding him from going to the party. After the angry words and fantasies passed through her mind unspoken, she put her attention on Emory. Before she had a chance to say anything, Emory said, 'Mom, I made the lasagne. We only need to bake it and clean up. You can go back and sleep some more'".

I resolve, in 2009, to:

- allow my children to unfold before me, to make less effort to force them to understand me and more effort to understand them

- lay the groundwork so that when they are older, they will not fear my reaction but will be open and honest with me, no matter what they have done

This is not easy for me, but I have already started and when I can manage to quiet my mind and just listen to them, it is truly wonderful. I have a long, long way to go, but happily the year has only just begun!

3. Focus on the people in my life - the human connection. When Wall-E meets Eve, and their hands touch, you can actually see the sparks fly. Wall-E spends the rest of the movie chasing that moment, that feeling of butterflies, that electricity.

This year, I want to forge deeper personal relationships with the people in my circles. I want to get to know my children better and to be thrilled by their amazingly individual natures. I want to fall in love with my husband. I want to serve my friends and family, and open myself to their blackest pain and their most ecstatic joy. I want to make love all around me.

In 2009, I resolve to:

- spend at least a little time every day with each of my children individually, doing something they enjoy

- follow the Spirit and serve where I am called

- say what I am thinking, not to hold back expressions of love because of fear or inertia

I hope this means I have a little less time for surfing the internet, doing the dishes, and scrubbing the baseboards - nothing would make me happier.

2009, bring it on!