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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, January 23, 2009 at 6:13 PM


I'll steal this nifty little "me poem" thing from my cousin-ish Katie.

I AM ... learning every day.
I WANT…a pint of Fleur de Sel Haagen-Daaz.
I HAVE …a fat juicy baby on my lap.
I KEEP … baking things and forgetting to add the flour. It doesn't work.
I WISH I COULD … sing Great Gig In The Sky on tour with Pink Floyd before they're all dead.
I HATE … having no spending money left.
I FEAR … the astonishingly large pile of dirty dishes currently lurking in my kitchen.
I HEAR … Peter Gabriel.
I SEE ... Avril Lavigne's pink piano (David is channel surfing).
I THINK ... my dang baby should go to sleep already so I can watch our Lost episode from 3 days ago.
I DON’T THINK ….I am young enough to wear pink glittery eyeshadow anymore.
I REGRET … nothing. Whatever it is, it just is.
I LOVE … very deeply.
I AM NOT … apologetic for my "boring" life.
I DANCE … when I hear "Let the Sunshine In".
I SING … pretty much every waking moment.
I NEVER … thought I would be a Dixie Chicks fan.
I RARELY … wear makeup anymore.
I ALWAYS ... stay up later than I should.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … anything worth watching.
I AM NOT ALWAYS … a shining beacon of Zen tranquility.
I HOPE ... that tomorrow is a fun day.
I HATE THAT … I always want things I don't have.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … why I'm still craving a treat when I just ate two pieces of coffee cake.
I NEED … a pedicure.
I SHOULD … do those dishes I mentioned earlier.
I WILL ...sit here on my pink striped rear end and watch telly instead.
I CAN ... do whatever I want, I'm the MOM!

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I think watching telly is the perfect thing for you to be doing right now. Go you.

Love your blogs.

Love your me poem and I do not think your life is boring at all. Being another Mom of 3, I ventured to say, that our lives are far from boring:-) Have a good weekend!!

I like this, and I like your viewpoint, and I like your honesty. I think I'll do this on facebook at least.